Lalit Restaurant

Set in a lush green tropical garden by Airport Plaza, Lalit Restaurant provides a fresh and innovative take on modified traditional Thai cuisine.

By | Mon 16 Mar 2020


Sit in a lush green tropical garden right by the Airport Plaza and take your time choosing any of the modified traditional Thai dishes cooked in unique ways.

Start with the appetiser sea-doi corn which is sweet, salty and with an after bite from the young pepper. A favourite of ours is the crispy pork belly in palm sugar caramel and fish sauce, crisp outside and tender inside. Signature dishes of the restaurant include the Penang curry with pork which is souvide for 36 hours until tender as can be and the fried gymnema sylvestre with egg and dried shrimps in home-made lard which is bound to bring back some retro memories for we northerners. An old fashioned rice noodle dish is served in a special sauce with added crackling for texture and be sure to make room for desserts of mango sticky rice and old fashioned-style coconut ice cream.

Lalit Restaurant

223 Mahidol Rd., Chang Klan
Open daily: 6.30 am – 10.30 pm