Cockles and mussels alive alive oh! at Hoy Ja Phee Ma Laew

A little gem of a restaurant in Santitham that started as a cockle delivery service and is now a thriving seafood eatery.

By | Fri 22 Mar 2019


Cockles and Mussels Alive Alive Oh!

Chef Hatairat Sriponpak, Som of Dream’s Baker Studio hadn’t eaten cockles and mussels for years…until the day she discovered this little gem in Santitham. Today, she can’t get enough of it all.

Three friends started this business as a delivery service for cockles, today it is a thriving restaurant.

The secret, according to the owners, is that it’s all about fresh-ness and the shells are thoroughly cleaned. Today the menu has also expanded from simple boiled shells served with spicy dips, to include oysters and ready-made dishes such as a spicy salad of mango, squid, prawns and crab, grilled prawns and many other seafood dishes. Chef Som is today a regular, and loves how fresh and clean the restaurant is.

Hoy Ja Phee Ma Laew
Santitham Plaza, T.Chang Phuak
Open Sun – Fri (Closed Saturdays)
6pm – 11pm
Tel. 094 632 8998, 088 269 0439
Facebook: หอยแครงลวก – หอยจ๋าพี่มาแล้ว