Scrumptious donuts at Reverie Cafe

Reverie Cafe is a cute little cafe serving up a smorgasbord of donuts and sweet treats in a multitude of flavours and styles

By | Thu 2 Mar 2023


What is a perfect donut? It may be hard to describe, but when you take a bite, you will know it immediately. One of our absolutely favourite donuts here in Chiang Mai is at the Reverie Cafe, and if you haven’t been and have a sweet tooth, then get your keys and head there now!

The cute little cafe, set a way out of the city, is designed with charming little corners for all Instagrammers to indulge in, serving up a smorgasbord of donuts and sweet treats in a multitude of flavours and styles.

Each and every donut is soft, light, spongy, has the perfect level of sweetness and comes with that perfect little golden crust. Best of all you can choose from a mind boggling number of toppings from red velvet to matcha lover, peanut utter banana to cinnamon.

Jaruwan maphanya (Mon), the owner of Reverie Cafe worked in the hotel industry for many years. Like many of her colleagues, she spent the pandemic without work and decided to take the time to indulge her passion – bakery.

She started off selling online during the lockdown and following great success opened her shop in 2022 to great acclaim.

The best thing for us is Donut Brunch with egg, ham and cheese’s creativity. If you are a regular – and we will admit that we have been ordering from them online for a year – you will be hard pressed to ever get bored. Mon creates new donuts, both sweet and savoury, every month, so there is always something new to try.

There is great coffee, and lots of fun drinks such as the popular orange yuzu Referie coff, yuzu Reverie black tea, lychee Reverie coff and the delightful sounding banoffee drink…think about it!

Reverie Cafe CNX
Open daily:
8am – 6pm
092 526 6414