Saruda Finest Pastry Espace

Saruda Finest Pastry serves creativity and good taste pastries and has just opened the second branch — Saruda Finest Pastry Escape.

By | Wed 24 May 2023


It is rare that we offer an unequivocal crown to any business here in Chiang Mai as we know that ‘best of’ and ‘favourite’ lists are subjective and we do our very best to avoid making such emphatic statements.

But in this case we will say it; Saruda Finest Pastry is without a doubt the most sophisticated, delicious and unique pastry shop to be found north of the Chao Phraya River.

Having studied under such giants as Cedric Grolet, World’s Best Pastry Chef 2017 and 2018 and Julien Alvarez, World Champion Pastry Chef 2011, Saruda brings some serious chops to her pastry kitchen and when combined with her meticulous nature, attention to detail, creativity and good taste, well, you have now a second branch which has just opened — Saruda Finest Pastry Escape.

What makes French pastries so very special is that they are complex with multiple elements such as pastry creams, ganache, mousse, meringue. Then there is the labour and endless hours of practice to reach perfection.

Saruda Finest Pastry and Saruda Finest Pastry Escape now offers up to 15 unique and immaculate pastries worthy of any special occasion. Arriving like works of art and tasting like heaven you must try their signature pastry, the Orange Bliss as well as the chocolaty Mr. Autumn before exploring any of Saruda’s latest creations such as the Japanese parfait with lychee and strawberry, the chocolate banana and pear parfait or the exotic mango parfait.

Their new location (opposite Krisp Café) is spacious and very Instagrammable with the added bonus of having parking for 30.

Stop by with a date, pick up a treat for your family, gift some delectable desserts to your friends and check it out.

Facebook: Saruda Finest Pastry Espace
23 Sirintron rd., Chang Puak, Muang, Chiang Mai
Open daily: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm
Tel. 095 146 5333