Rich bold Sicilian flavours at Favola, Le Meridien Chiang Mai

If you are a foodie then you can’t help but be excited when a new chef comes to town, especially one with chef Gianluca Tidona’s pedigree.

By | Mon 8 Aug 2022


If you are a foodie then you can’t help but be excited when a new chef comes to town, especially one with chef Gianluca Tidona’s pedigree. Freshly appointed Italian Chef de Cuisine at Favola, an Italian specialty restaurant of Le Méridien Chiang Mai, Chef Gianluca brings the rich, vibrant and punchy flavours of his hometown Sicily to our Chiang Mai tables.

Chef Gianluca started his culinary journey in a fine dining restaurant in Northern Italy after he achieved his diploma in culinary arts. His passion in culinary had been driving him to work in Geneva, Switzerland in 2010 as Chef de Partie. His wide range of experiences including working in Italian restaurants in Pattaya, Thailand and Ningbo, China and also working in large-scale resorts like Mammamia Disney Resort in Shanghai and Hotel Ambassador in Brig, Switzerland. Prior to his appointment at Le Meridien Chiang Mai, he was Chef de Cuisine at Hyatt Regency Wuxi, China.

Similar to so many Italian chefs we have interviewed over the years, Chef Gianluca attributes his passion for cooking to his grandmother, with whom he worked alongside in the family kitchen since childhood. Chef Gianluca loves to discover new foods and ingredients as he believes that there is always something new to learn…and we are happy to devour the fruits of his labou!

So, Citylife expanded our culinary horizon, and our bellies, on this feast and we feel the need to spread the word.

Get seated, order a drinks and get comfortable. Soon the ‘pass around finger food’ will arrive, presenting Sicilian orange marinatedsalmon, horseradish sauce deep-fried Arancini filled with Italian guanciale and gorgonzola cheese with a compote, cheese & Parma ham bruschetta

You then have a choice of all sorts of main courses. Though, don’t worry, we put in the work, and the pounds, to help you decide:

Is it porcini truffle risotto which arrives oozing with aromas and flavours of the pungent truffle, soothed into balance by the pecorino cheese sauce *380 baht

Perhaps you prefer the delightfully light and fresh ravioli all’Astice which presents delicately handmade ravioli served with sweet poached lobster, fresh mint, tomato conasse in a rich shellfish bisque topped with a jaunty lobster foam *490 baht

Or why not try the surprisingly light and airy Pizza All Zucca, a roasted pumpkin cream pizza with mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon and Sicilian style seasoned ricotta cheese. The pumpkin has been treated like a fluffy cloud and the crunch of bacon bits gives this unique pizza a complexity that is thoroughly surprising. *280 baht

Or you could go for the Polletoo alla Diavola, a delicate dish of tender roasted boneless chicken leg glazed with honey mustard and served with braised leek and a spicy chicken jus for flair. This dish is a sure thing for anyone looking for more traditional flavours, but cooked to perfection. *340 baht

But then you would miss out on the beef cheek…and that would be sad. Chef Gianluca’s ‘grandma’s kitchen beef cheek’ is definitely something to write home about. Tender to the fork and to the tongue, this 8-hour slow cooked piece of prime beef is served with truffle-mashed potatoes, thyme buttered baby carrots, Grand Marnier beef jus and caramelised orange zests. A true fiesta in the mouth. *590 baht

Or…if you don’t eat beef, go for the same version but with braised pork cheek.

And before you leave, get up, walk around, and make some room for the semifreddo alla riccota with its semi frozen homemade ricotta cream cake, salty caramel thyme mou sauce served with chocolate, fresh strawberry, pistachio.

We were lucky enough to have tried all of the above dishes and frankly can’t recommend any one over the other. They are all exceptional. So choose wisely! But if you don’t, it doesn’t matter!

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