Premium Japanese cuisine at Cook with Love Restaurant

Chiang Mai restaurant in Chiang Mai city serving up fine Japanese cuisine with premium beef and other products

By | Fri 7 Apr 2023


Cook with Love celebrates their 10th anniversary this month, setting a milestone as one of the most beloved and enduring Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai.

When it first opened, this then-modest eatery which only served to four tables, was fully booked months in advance. Following popular demand, Cook with Love opened various franchises over the years and now has opened its flagship restaurant Cook With Love Grand Yakiniku & Shabu, not far from Chiang Mai International Airport.

It is all about quality ingredients here, with many premium imported produce not found anywhere else in our northern city. From lobsters to taraba crabs, steaks to foie Gras, if you are looking for a truly unique and special dining experience, then this is it.

You can order a la carte or buffet at Cook with Love Grand Yakiniku & Shabu, and the menu is as large as you would expect. But if you are a meat lover, then you are in for a treat as Chef Kai’s selected cuts will include chuck roll, misuji, zabuton, kala sankaku, and chabuton, all grade A5 cuts from some of Japan’s top cattle farms.

The Shabu is especially delicious here as the broth is made from the very premium beef imported. Every order comes with four unique sources which Chef Kai has perfected over the years. There is the yakiniku secret beef sauce, a closely guarded chef’s secret, a classic shabu sauce, a ponsu sauce and lastly a Thai style barbecue sauce. In fact, the sauces are so tasty that many restaurants across Thailand also sell them.

If you like things a bit spicy then try their mala Szechuan beef bone soup. Just dip your premium cuts of beef into the broth and he flavors will burst in your mouth.

You can order two types of buffet, 539++ baht and 829++ baht, or try the yuzu-glazed duck breast for 1,456++ baht (free flow foie gras) or the premium grade A5 beef buffet for 2,987++ baht. With these prices you can order it Shabu style or yakiniku style.

Children can enjoy a full meal starting at 199 baht.

There is a private room seating 40 if you have something special to celebrate, if not just grab a friend or two and head over for a sumptuous meal.

If it is your birthday you can receive a 10% discount. Orders after 8pm also receive a 10% discount.