Popo’s Cafe for cat lovers

Popo’s Cafe is a cat cafe where guests can relax with resident cats. You can even have coffee and snacks while inside with the kitties

By | Mon 20 Feb 2023


If you love cats then you MUST head to Popo’s Cafe where the owner serves delicious croissants and hot and cold drinks as their five beloved cats meander between guest legs.

The croissants are worth the effort itself, but cat lovers will find themselves whiling away hours as they play with Popo and his four buddies. Try their Popo’s denim a creamy vanilla coffee topped with caramel, or Tama’s strawberry milk which has strawberry and vanilla flavours, then there is the Toracano, which is sharp and tart from the yuzu, or the Oung Lamoon boy which is a simple cappuccino topped with foam, and lastly Kevin’s eye, which is peachy and sparkly. A relaxing place to work, read a book, sip hot coffee and try any of the five signature donuts – each named after a cat.

Open: 9am – 5pm (close on Sunday)
Tel. 064 498 7888
GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/Xbwb8UTkPbbC7cx8A