Plant-based awards asks for your votes

Plant-based awards launched in Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok.

By | Tue 1 Sep 2020

The Root The Future Plant-Based Food Awards is a campaign that aims to support and celebrate plant-based food in Thailand to encourage and promote plant-based restaurants (and those with plant-based options). This is a call to action for those who wish to support restaurants which do not use animal products, or have options in their menu that don’t (free from meat, fish, milk, eggs and dairy). The award cities are Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket. So, from now until October 4th, put your plant-based thinking caps on and then start voting.

The winners from all three cities will, along with the rest of us, hear the results of the voting on 16th October.

Root The Future’s mission is to raise awareness around plant-based food and sustainability, and to encourage growth in the plant-based industry believing that shifting consumer behaviour to focus more on local, plant-based foods is an important step towards a more sustainable world.

Five voters will be picked who will each win a 5,000 baht voucher for the winning restaurant.

You can vote once per category, per city:

  1. Best Plant-Based Restaurant (Main award – must be 100% plant-based restaurant)
  2. Best Overall Dish (from vegan or non vegan business)
  3. Best Thai dish (from a vegan or non-vegan business)
  4. Best burger (from a vegan or non-vegan business)
  5. Best dessert (from a vegan or non-vegan business)
  6. Best Plant Meat
  7. Best Plant Milk
  8. Best Convenience Store Snack
  9. Best Food Court for Plant-Based food
  10. Best Jay Food Seller

To vote or propose a restaurant go to

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