One destination, ten countries, sixty dishes

By | Thu 30 Mar 2023

Shangri-La Hotel’s Kad Kafe takes us on a culinary journey along the Mediterranean shores starting at 688 baht per person.

Some of the oldest civilisations were born and spread around the Mediterranean which sits at the cross roads between Europe, Asia and Africa, making this one of the most culturally and historically vibrant regions in the world. With long sunny days and mild climates, the Mediterranean is also bountiful; a place where the sea offers up fresh catches and the land grows plentifully and abundantly.

Naturally this region is home to some absolutely delicious cuisine, unique in their interpretations of what is readily available, as well as their complex and rich regional influences upon one another, which goes far beyond any national borders.

For the first time here in Chiang Mai you will get to go on a culinary journey along the shores of the Mediterranean, sampling some of the best and tastiest dishes in the region.

Executive Chef Carlo Di Nunzio, has pulled off an extraordinary feat where, starting from only 688 baht (nett), you will get to taste over 60 dishes from 10 Mediterranean countries, all enticingly laid out on stations scattered across Shangri-La Hotel’s spacious Kad Kafe Restaurant. In an effort to satisfy the different budgets, Shangri-La is launching in the same time its dynamic and first ever pricing concept in Chiang Mai. This means that prices may differ from day to day, as the restaurant calibrates and offers daily rates. Diners can simply scan a QR Code and look at the calendar to find the date that best suits their schedule as well as price. Throughout the week the price for the buffet will fluctuate between 688 baht and 888 baht nett.

Where to start? Well the sensible place would be the hors d’oeuvres station where mezze from Lebanon includes tahini, hummus, baba ghanoush, labneh and all the regional favourites. In fact, you can simply ask for a mezze plate to be delivered so that you get all your favourite dips in one plate! It arrives with freshly made pita and falafel as well as a small tabouleh salad. France and Egypt are also represented on this island station with special Egyptian falafels and some tasty rillettes and terrines.

There are Greek salads, Italy’s famous caprese, France’s Nicoise salad, Italy’s Caesar as well as some delicious carpaccio/tartare dishes served throbbing-fresh, from beef to beetroot and sea bass to salmon.

Next take a stroll into the deep blue…on ice, where you can indulge in some fresh fines de Claire oysters and other shelled delicacies from the colder Mediterranean waters as well as some vibrant slices of sashimi.

It is time to get your tastebuds travelling seriously and head on to the signature stations which are laden with exotic dishes and flavours. From Spain you have the seafood-filled paella, from France a brothy bouillabaisse, from Morocco a famine clay pot filled with stewed chicken in a tasteful broth with vegetables, from Tunisia aromatic lamb on a cloud of couscous and if you can handle it, there is also the smooth silky flavors of Greece’s very filling moussaka.

Before you dig into your signature dishes, stop by the grill station and put your order in for some Lebanese shish tawook, Turkish lamb kofka, one of Israeli’sfavourite comfort food liver and cumin, orange and lemon and Spain’s sea bass fillet.

The list goes on…Egyptian biryani, French Ratatouille, Greek spanakopita pie filled with spinach and feta…

Then there is the carving station, the pizza station, the Thai station as well as the the pasta station to choose from.

Lastly, and definitely in no way leastly, is the dessert station brimming with delectable treats from Italian tiramisu to Turkish baklavas, French financiers, choux and opera cakes as well as a wonderful selection of Italian gelati.

This is simply FUN! If you haven’t travelled much over the past few years, or want to introduce your family or friends to multiple world cuisines all linked through the history, geography and cultures of the Mediterranean, then this is the food destination you didn’t know you needed.

Prices: From 688-888* baht (nett)

*Click the link below to find out the price on your selected date (or scan the QR code below)


50% off for children aged up to 12

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