Napoli style pizzas with a Thai twist at Dreamer CNX

Dreamer CNX offers thin and crunchy Napoli style pizzas that are not only delicious, they're creative and generous too

By | Thu 26 Oct 2023


Lampang’s favourite pizzas are now available in Chiang Mai and giving many of our favourite pizzerias in town a proper run for their money.

Win, the owner of Dreamer CNX, hails from our neighbouring province, Lampang, though he has spent eight years working in a total of four kitchens as far afield as New Zealand, Germany and Australia.

“During that time I worked in so many kitchens with people from all over the world,” said Win. “I have always been a dreamer and food brings back that nostalgia. When I returned home to Lampang, I really missed those wonderful flavours and moments I shared with my international friends and I began to recreate those flavours to feed my friends and family here in Thailand, creating new dreams and memories.”

His friends and family more than appreciated his cooking and soon, by popular demand, Win found himself opening up a little restaurant in Lampang.

“It did really well and is really well received in the city. And so I decided to try my hand in Chiang Mai. The thing I love about pizzas is that it is so much fun! It is both science and art. You can play with fire! We use lamyai and lychee wood in our ovens and we make all of our own dough – for pizzas as well as burgers – in the Napoli style…all thin and crunchy at the edge.”

At Dreamer CNX, it is all about the toppings, and Win’s toppings are not only delicious, they’re creative and generous too.

The chicken and basil topping is a fusion that is not at all confusing, with familiar flavours of Thailand’s favourite dish complementing Italy’s. The massaman calzone is another successful dish with the rich aromas of massaman curry melting into the gooey cheese where spice and sweet flavours blend with the savoury of pepperoni, Parmesan, oregano and olives. Then there is the three-cheeses pizza oozing with parmesan, mozzarella and smoked cheese and topped with a drizzle of fine olive oil.

One of our favourites is the super generous salmon pizza, where large chunks of smoked salmon hide bursts of capers, shallots, parsley, tomato sauce and white sauce making for a perfect bite.

Pizzas come in nine and twelve inches, and you can even order half half toppings so you can taste more than one delicious topping. They also serve burgers, pastas, salads and fries, if – gasp! – pizza isn’t your thing.

This charming little restaurant is set down a little soi off Moon Muang Road in a sweet little venue where the pizza oven is the star of the show and the food will be a memory which promises to bring you back.

If you are a pizza lover, then make sure you don’t miss out on this new destination. If you can’t make the destination, then fear not, Grab and Line Man are here.

Dreamer CNX
Moon Muang Soi 7, T. Sriphoom, Chiang Mai
Open daily 2 pm – 11 pm
Tel. 091 859 5564