Modern twists to classic Thai cuisine at Parc Thai Eatery

Koolpunt Group’s latest restaurant, Parc Thai Eatery offers Thai dishes combined with the freshest and best of locally grown ingredients

By | Fri 12 May 2023


Thai Royal cuisine began to come into its own during the reign of King Rama II, according to classic recipes and cooking books published at the time.

It is from this inspiration that Koolpunt Group’s latest restaurant, Parc Thai Eatery, draws from. Ancient recipes have been combined with the freshest and best of locally grown ingredients to produce some unique dishes that will make for a memorable dining experience.
Sit in the romantic looking glass encased cool interior of the restaurant, or the charming garden setting where you are serenaded by sounds of trickling waterfalls and dine in sumptuous glamour. Dishes arrive looking like works of art – very Instagrammable! – and are guaranteed to be unlike most dishes you have ever tasted before
A must try dish is the duck confit massaman, a twist on the classic Thai dish. The duck confit arrives crispy skinned and succulent in flesh while being infused with the beloved flavours of a massaman curry. Each deconstructed element of the dish is highlighted on a canvas of curry.
Then there is the highland corn dish which appears simple, but for lovers of corn, is a delight. Highland corn kernels are served with fresh peppers and al dente prawns.
The stuffed mackerel is another tasty nibble. The entire mackerel is carefully deboned and its meat marinated, before being reshuffled back into the fish. The fish is then steamed before being fried before serving. A rich and delicious dish filled fish aromas and flavours.
Another dish to check out is the famous northern Thai sausage, sai-ua, which is fried in a rich mix of herbs and spices and served as a southern-style curry.
Definitely end the meal with the special mango sticky rice where it is wrapped in a spring roll and deep fried, served with a refreshing ice cream.

Each dish is bright, colourful, fun, creative and importantly tasty. If you are looking for a new dining experience, then make sure you check Parc Thai Eatery out.

Parc Thai Eatery

223 Mahidol Road, Changklan, Chiang Mai
Open daily: 11am. – 11pm.
Tel. 062 309 8222