Mixing Up Thai Flavors at Mix Beef Club & Restaurant

Mix Beef Club & Restaurant has been serving up a plethora of classic and wholeheartedly inventive Thai cuisine for over 15 years

By | Thu 27 Jul 2023


For over 15 years, Mix Restaurant – now known as Mix Beef Club & Restaurant – has been serving up a plethora of classic and wholeheartedly inventive Thai cuisine, every year finding new ways to advance and develop new flavours and techniques that serve up a fresh and vibrant ‘mix’ experience, every time.

Tucked at the end of Nimmanhaemin Soi 1, the ambiance matches the menu, with every aspect unique, varied, and suitable for all audiences. From its decor to its ingredients, there’s something very Thai about Mix Beef Club & Restaurant that, at the same time, breaks the norm.

Founded by Nuirisorn Somsawat, and led by Chef Chim, a highly experienced Thai chef with over 50 years of culinary expertise, the restaurant has followed a creative journey from day one, infusing knowledge of familiar Thai dishes with a signature concept of mixing up ingredients and techniques from each region and beyond.

With a passion to constantly ‘mix’ the status quo, Mix Beef Club & Restaurant has captured the hearts of both locals and visitors alike, garnering numerous awards at both national and international levels – a true testament to its excellence.

Book a Table at Mix Beef Club & Restaurant

With popularity growing, it’s recommended that you book a table at Mix Beef Club and restaurant to sample and savour their incredible cuisine.

Traditional Northern Thai delicacies, such as Khao Soi, have been enhanced to elevate with the addition of fresh river prawns that add a sweetness to the rich khao soi broth, creating a delightful aroma that perfectly balances umami, sweet, salty, and spicy in every mouthful.

For something a little more creative, the Pla Kao Hor Mok stands out in both flavour and presentation. This traditional fish parcel is wrapped in aromatic pandan before being steamed and served immediately to ensure the best dining experience possible. Pair this with the steamed Japanese razor clams and quell the spice with zesty, tangy flavours and an almost creamy clam bisque that is to die for.

And, for the more international palette, Mix’s range of grilled meats and pastries make any meal exceptional, and also pairs perfectly with the Outlaw-style atmosphere with a nostalgic scent of 1950s American Texas decor, live music, and panoramic surroundings.

The Best Thai food at Mix Beef Club & Restaurant includes classics such as northern Khao Soi and Pla Kao Hor Mok, to southern dishes like Stir-fried fresh shrimp with sataw beans and creative local interpretations of western-inspired pastries.

River Prawn Khao Soi
The Khao Soi at Mix Beef Club & Restaurant has been enhanced to elevate the dining experience by featuring succulent river prawns and tender, juicy meat in a rich broth that creates a delightful aroma and a creamy mouthfeel complemented by the sweet umami of fresh prawns and locally sourced shrimp paste.

Pla Kao Hor Mok
Following suit is the indulgent Pla Kao Hor Mok, which stands out in both its presentation and flavour alike. It is wrapped in pandan leaves before being steamed and served immediately. When the leaves are unwrapped, the fragrant aroma of pandan and the creamy essence from the hor mok mixture blend together to create an intense aroma that is reminiscent of authentic Thai curry.

Bacon Pla
Another standout dish is the Bacon Pla, which features aromatic and tender bacon that is perfectly cooked in a zesty and fragrant pla sauce. Crispy fried rice and finely shredded raw green mango accompany this dish to create a multi-dimensional taste profile that harmoniously blends sour, spicy, sweet, salty, and umami notes.

Steamed Razor Clams with Lime
The steamed Japanese razor clams with lime are yet another delight that shouldn’t be missed. The fresh, large and meaty razor clams are beautifully served, and with every bite expect a burst of spicy and tangy flavours followed by the rich and creamy texture of the sauce and satisfying bite of the Japanese razor clams.

Sir Fried Shrimp with Sataw Beans
Stir-fried fresh shrimp with sataw beans is another signature dish, this time hailing from the southern region of Thai cuisine, best known for its distinctive flavours and spicy aromas. This delicately spiced red curry paste stir fry features fragrant shrimp paste sourced from the Khlong Khon region in Samut Songkhram province and the iconic sataw beans that have legendary health properties. To balance the flavour, this dish is paired with hot steamed jasmine rice from Yasothon province.

Desserts by Chef Saruda
In addition to the Thai food menu, Mix Beef Club & Restaurant also serves an array of exquisite desserts created by Chef Saruda from Saruda Finest Pastry.

One notable item is the Banana Garden, a rich homemade banana-flavoured ice cream served with a fragrant banana-filled chocolate pastry and a touch of Mekong rum sauce. Hidden underneath you’ll find a layer of crispy chocolate crumble, adding a delightful crunch to the overall experience.

Jinda Manee is a perfectly sized chocolate bonbon, served in a set of 8 pieces. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted with beautiful abstract designs by the chef. They are filled with flavours that represent the local tastes of Thailand, following the seasonal ingredients. These include pandan, jasmine, honey tangerine, royal project coffee, and black sesame coconut. The fillings combine Thai flavours with a touch of Malibu rum, Kahlua, and Grand Marnier, enhancing the main flavours without overpowering them.

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