Lamphun’s favourite bakery is now here in Chiang Mai

Kodung has recently opened its first Chiang Mai branch and it is as sweet and inviting as all of their goodies!

By | Thu 30 May 2024


Weekenders and day-trippers to Lamphun have long known that any hankering from a sweet tooth can be soothed with a visit to the popular Kodung Kanom Bakery. This charming bakery’s beloved freshly baked goods is no longer a long(ish) drive away, as Kodung has recently opened its first Chiang Mai branch. And it is as sweet and inviting as all of their goodies!

Set in a charming classic Lanna wooden house along the ancient Kampaengdin Road, you can park easily and pop in to grab a delectable bite, sit in the cool and chilled air-con room and take your time savouring a sweet treat or sit by the window, taking in the cool monsoon rains as you share a delightful snack over a cup of coffee or tea with some friends.

The signature must-order at Kodung is its lava croissant, a wonderfully flaky and crisp outer layer of croissant is filled inside with hot lava cream made of whipped cream and milk, oozy and delicate with every bite.

Another few highlights of the menu are the lovely dragon dessert and swan dessert, Kodung’s special recipes serving up a pastry filled with creamy bean filling with a subtle scent of Thai candles and both packed with a creamy salted egg lava while being sprinkled with crunchy sesame, creating a unique and tasty texture.

For something more Japanese, try the Osaka cheesecake which is smooth and soft to the tongue and sweet to the palate. There are plenty of choices from which to choose such as eclairs, egg tarts, macarons, berry cheese pies, fudge brownies, cookie cups, and an assortment of breads. It is all about the quality of its raw ingredients and the meticulousness of the home made baking process.

So next time you are looking to taste something sweet and delightful, head over to Kodung Kanom.

Kodung Kanom Bakery

151 5 Kampangdin Rd, T. Phra Sing, Muang, Chiang Mai
Open daily: Mon – Fri 10 am. – 7pm. / Sat – Sun and public holidays: 8 am. –  9 pm.
Tel. 094 466 6989