Korean fried chicken isn’t (really) Korean

By | Sun 14 Aug 2022

Just do a search on Grab or Food Panda and you will find dozens of places selling Korean fried chicken.

They are extra everything! Extra crunchy, extra spicy, extra juicy and judging by their popularity, pretty extra ordinary.

Yet we have recently learned that this super Korean dish was in fact not a native dish at all, as Koreans traditionally boil or steam their chickens. It was the US troops who were stationed in Korea between the late 40s and mid 50s who used to fry their chicken in celebration of Thanksgiving day, sharing it with their Korean comrades, who evidently appreciated this style of cooking and popularised it.

But it wasn’t until Korea’s economy began to boom in the ‘70s that locals could even begin to afford and appreciate the decadence of fried chicken. It was Lim’s Chicken, founded in 1977 that first sold these crunchy bites to the adoring public who now include fried chicken into their national cuisine, driving competition to the point where we have such perfect bites to enjoy even all the way here in Chiang Mai today.

อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ อาหาร, สถานที่ในร่ม และ ข้อความพูดว่า "RAW TRUCKR."

A stationary food truck by a food court selling deliciously flavoured fried chicken and sides from kimchi to fries.
Facebook: RAWtruckr

อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ อาหาร และ สถานที่ในร่ม


A juicy fried chicken is presented with a delectable original Korean-style sauce with unlimited side dishes.
Facebook: GODAM ร้านอาหารเกาหลีโกดำ 고담


Seoul Mind 

Wonderful fried chicken with three sauce options: garlic sauce, korean sauce, and spicy sauce. Served with side dishes such as pickled radish, cucumber, kimchi, coleslaw, potato salad and seaweed soup.
Facebook: Seoulmind เชียงใหม่ หลังวัดอุโมง

อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ อาหาร

Cheonmon 천만 (Chiang Mai branch)

A well-known Korean street food restaurant from Bangkok has opened a branch in Chiang Mai. Offering fried chicken in two flavours—spicy and sweet sauces.
Facebook: 천만 ชอนมัน Cheonman Thailand

อาจเป็นรูปภาพของ อาหาร และ สถานที่ในร่ม

The Chalotte

A Korean fried chicken buffet restaurant near Mae Jo university, where you can eat with unlimited time.
Facebook: บุฟเฟ่ต์ไก่ทอดเกาหลี – The Chalotte