Jia Thong Heng | A Michelin awarded Lanna icon of a Chinese restaurant

Jia Thong Heng serves more than Teochew cuisine, also covering other regional cuisines of China and guaranteed flavourful by Michelin guide

By | Fri 2 Sep 2022


For over sixty years Jia Thong Heng has been serving up authentic Teochew Chinese cuisine to we locals. From its founders’ pioneering days of churning out fast and famous food from their kitchens, to now branching out and run by its third generation offering more refine dining experiences with some modern twists to the old classics.
Jia Thong Heng serves more than Teochew cuisine, also covering many other regional cuisines of China. So many of us have memories of grand celebrations through the years with family and friends around a Suzie Wong table in Jia Thong Heng, or attending a wedding or large outdoor event catered by Jia Thong Heng. While owners and menus have been changed and updated, the flavours of Jia Thong Heng remain familiar.
Guaranteed flavourful by Michelin guide in its recent published list, here are a few classic Jia Thong Heng dishes for you to try if you haven’t yet had the pleasure.
Hoi jor (deep fried crab meat rolls): Stuffed with real crab meat and made fresh daily, this recipe has been a Jia Thong Heng favourite for 65 years.
Pot-stewed duck: It is all in the stew! This very traditional recipe from the owner’s homeland is cooked over and over in the same pot, giving not just authenticity to the recipe, but history. The large sized ducks are fed healthy vegetarian duck food, resulting in cleaner aromas and flavours. When stewed in the rich broth and served with a tart side dip and topped on rice, this is an absolute must try dish.
Roast duck: Roasted in an oven designed in-house, this dish is infused with herbs and spices while being tender to the bite.
Crispy roasted pork belly: Only a limited amount is made each day, in order to guarantee freshness, so you will have to get here a bit early to make the cut. The pork belly is slow-cooked for up to eight hours until the fat is rendered, the meat is tender and the skin is crisp.
Stir-fried clams with chili: This dish was particularly praised by Michelin Guide for its use of a high-heat Chinese oven to wok-fry the clams and all the lovely herbs and spices which fold into them.
You can now choose between three branches of Jia Thong Heng, whether its the original Sri Don Chai branch, the grand Faham location or the more chic and modern One Nimman branch.
Open daily: 10am-10pm.
Tel. 062 308 2025 , 053 820 860-2
GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/QkCsi1eVCAtMkpr98