Sun Bridge Foods Chiang Mai – importer of Japanese Foods

Bringing the exquisite tastes of Japan to Chiang Mai.

By | Mon 8 Jul 2019


Sun Bridge is an importer of Japanese foods using proton freezing technology to keep the food, especially seafood, fresh. So if you are a lover of Japanese food, this is the destination for you to go to get all the ingredients to make a feast or to kit your kitchen up so that you can cook any Japanese dish you fancy. They have raw ingredients as well as pre-cooked foods which you simply have to grill or place in the microwave. Eel, uni (sea urchin), all manner of fish and seafood as well as condiments, seaweed, noodles, sake, tofu, wasabi and other Japanese kitchen essentials.

Sun Bridge Foods Chiang Mai
Ruamchok Mall 204/70 T.Fah Ham
Tel.065 445 6594
Facebook : Sunbridgechiangmai