Fresh from the sea at Sushi Umai

If you love sashimi, then definitely check out Sushi Umai, where a feast of seasonal, fresh seafood arrives beautifully presented at your table.

By | Thu 16 Jan 2020


If you love fresh sashimi, then definitely check out Sushi Umai, where an army of seafood arrives nearly pulsing to your table. The fish is seasonal, and guaranteed to be fresh on arrival – hamachi, kinmedai, red snapper, otoro, maguro, chutoro and akami – all directly flown in from Japan.

Hamachi, kinmedai and red snapper are all deep water fish from Japan with firm flesh and the otoro and chutoro, the belly of the tuna fish, are delicate bites which are almost fatty and very tender and delightful in a sushi while the akami is leaner and tastes more of the sea.


Another popular dish at Sushi Umai is the foie gras sushi, an incredibly rich bite with the rich velvety flavours and textures of the foie gras.

Apart from the sushis and sashimis, which the restaurant is famous for, you can also try the cold udon with tempura, or tamago tempura udon, and the moreish mentaiko spaghetti which is rich in fish roe and the popular katsu sando, which is an eggplant dish with a sweet miso sauce.

Sushi Umai
197 199/8, Nim City Community Mall, Mahidol Rd., Hai Ya, Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel. 053 276 689