Stuff Your Belly

These three restaurants are bound to fill you up thanks to their big menus, generous portions and rich flavours. Dig in!

By | Tue 1 Aug 2017

These three restaurants are bound to fill you up thanks to their big menus, generous portions and rich flavours.

The Flying Pig
This new Nimman eatery has promise, but isn’t quite there yet. The setting is solid, as there is ample parking, and well…Nimman. Tables and chairs could be a bit more comfortable, but they have both indoors and outdoors areas, plenty of seating and the staff are very lovely and attentive. The menu is very limited and we recommend you bring your own wine for a 100 baht corkage. The menu highlight is the large combo grilled platter. At 1600 baht, it can feed a party of four and while the platter has delicious grilled goodies such as the peri peri chicken, the lamb chops, perfectly grilled beef, its absolute highlight are the ribs which are falling-off-the-bone tender and slathered in a delicious sauce. Sides include peri peri chips, grilled mixed veggies and mashed potatoes with gravy. If you love grilled meats, then definitely head over for a casual and fun night out.

Open daily 5pm – 10pm
Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 15
052 005 002
Facebook: TheFlyingPigThailand


Ma Ti Ni
This new local kanom jeen shop is one to check out this month if you are knocking around the Wat Umong area and are in need of a cheap and tasty meal. With a choice of nam ngiew (northern tomato curry) or green curry (either with or without blood cubes!) served over the classic Chinese rice noodles, simplicity is on the menu and at just 20 baht a bowl it’s a steal given just how big the portions are! They also have crispy pork rinds on each table and a large selection of Italian sodas made fresh to order, complete with fresh limes, jellies and more. If you prefer a hot drink, why not try their traditional Thai coffee which comes with a serious punch.

Open 9am – 9pm
Next to Sibsongpanna Hotel, Suthep
Facebook: มาตี้นี่ ขนมจีนนำเงี้ยว หลัง มช
093 049 5192

Accha Indian Fusion
The super popular restaurantlette, Accha, has now opened a proper restaurant a few sois down on soi 5 Nimman and so far has kept its loyal clients blissfully happy with its consistently excellent food. Jain, vegetarian and traditional Indian cuisine is served up full of bold flavours and quality ingredients. The menu is extensive enough to keep you coming back again and again and the prices are very reasonable. This is a great night out with a group of friends, sharing a variety of delicious dishes served with homemade relishes, pickles and sauces. We tried the lamb vindaloo, a chicken korma, some paneer dishes, an aromatic biryani a garlicy nan, ending the meal with a subtly sweet and aromatic gulap jamun. Every dish hit the spot. They have yet to get an alcohol licence, so byob for a small corkage.

Open daily 11am – 10pm
Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 5
099 291 1551
Facebook: AcchaAuthenticIndianCuisine