CMU steak and coffee – every sip and bite filled with flavour

If you are looking for high quality at a bargain price check this place out. Oh and they offer much more than steak and coffee!

By | Fri 13 Mar 2020


Starting from humble beginnings, this café began by serving quality coffee from its own mountain farm. Using Agtrace technology, you can actually track the agricultural production right from the farm to the table to be ensured of the best quality.

The beef used is rib steak and when served with the special CMU Steak and Coffee sauce, it makes for a delicious plate where the balance of 70% meat and 30% fat makes for great bites.

The French fries are delicious as are the cream soup, Caesar salad, spaghetti and garlic bread all the way to the waffle which ends the meal perfectly with a cup of coffee or a colourful fruit smoothie.
This is a health and inexpensive place to go for quality steaks.

CMU Steak and Coffee
9/2 Suthep Road
Open daily: 9am – 5pm