Kunna dried fruits – the premium healthy snacks

24 year old entrepreneur, Nacha Jungkankul set out to turn Thailand's tropical fruits into a tasty, healthy snack.

By | Tue 14 Nov 2017


KUNNA dried fruits

– the premium healthy snacks – 

Thailand is world-renown for its wonderful tropical fruits. But what if you arrive in winter and want to taste a lychee, or land in summer and wish to dig into a durian? At the tender age of 24, Nacha Kunna-Model_7 Jungkankul, saw that there was a gap in the market and stepped in with the aim to help offer more marketing channels to Thai fruit farmers as well as quality preserved fruits for visitors wishing to take home a bite of Thailand’s fruits.

Nacha has spent the past two years perfecting her craft and has now opened a dedicated shop, the Kunna Concept Store in Maya Lifestyle Shopping Mall. Her products cover the range of popular gifts such as the premium golden soft-dried mango, the freeze-dried monthong durian and the oven-baked crispy coconut, but also features some very innovative creations ranging from the soft chewy candies of various topical fruits, waffle rolls filled with fruit crams and biscuit sticks coated with fruit creams.


So if you are heading abroad to visit some friends, why not stop by Kunna to grab some great tropical gifts to tease your friends’ taste buds?


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