Hasina Roti & Milk Tea

Hasina Roti & Milk Tea, a small eatery, decorated cheerfully and with a casual vibe, has brought traditional rotis into the modern era

By | Wed 9 Aug 2023


Thailand has long been famous for its late night rotis, often found peddled from carts parked by the side of the streets by the many South Asian Thai vendors across the country.
The humble and delicious roti is being given a revival here in Chiang Mai at Hasina Roti & Milk Tea on Charoen Mueang Road, an area which is gentrifying and getting plenty of attention for its hip and charming little cafes and restaurants.

This small eatery, decorated cheerfully and with a welcoming casual vibe, has brought traditional rotis into the modern era.
Sina’s father hails from Bangladesh and her family business has long been in roti. With the pandemic’s crushing fallout, Sina and her partner Nat, famous for his performances in The Voice Thailand, decided to take the humble roti and turn it into something even more special.

The highlight dish which everyone comes for is the Hasina Cheese Roti, using only the best quality butter and cheese and served to crunchy cheesy perfection. Their ham and cheese roti is also delicious and a favorite of Sina’s. Nat and Sina are receiving rave reviews with some customers coming for a roti on a nearly daily basis.
They also have adorable roti balls which are a perfect party favour to be shared among friends and if you are worried about the calories, don’t. Sina and Nat have an oil free air fryer option!

Those with a more savoury tooth will find the beef and chicken matabas some of the best you will find in town, and an order or chai-yo tea will wash it all down refreshingly. Hot drinks, cold drinks, sweet drinks or even spicy drinks are all delicious.
Head over to Hasisna if you are in need of an afternoon snack, an early morning drink, a filling meal or just to chill out in the sweet little cafe.

Open: Tuesday – Friday: 2pm – 9pm., Sat – Sun: 12pm – 9pm. (Close on Monday)
GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/TVHTqeA5SxFbq5sW9