Great Shot Bar CNX lives up to its promise

Located on Arak rd., Great Shot Bar is a daytime café which seamlessly transitions into a moody and intriguing cocktail bar in the evening

By | Tue 10 Oct 2023


Great Shot Bar CNX began with a concept. A tiny cadmium red container was upgraded into a cute little bar located in the now-closed Foto Hotel on Phuket’s Kata Beach. Since its move up north, Great Shot Bar has found a new home, expanding its photo development room concept by adding an art exhibition space to feature some great local talent.

Owner Worasart ‘Pun’ Kheanumnart has been slowly and steadily studying up on the crafts of coffee making as well as mixology, trying his hand at all sort of experimentation and creations over the years.

“I simply love photography and spent so much of my time in mood-red development rooms,” said Pun. “The name Great Shot is therefore a play on words which references my photography lifestyle as well as the creative process which includes conceptualisation, creation and presentation of my many drinks we now serve here.”

Great Shot Bar CNX is separated into three different zones with the first being the bar counter where all the coffee and exciting drinks are created and served. Once twilight turns the day into night this bar counter is then turned into a cocktail bar serving fabulous drinks. The mezzanine floor is where we chill and chat, while looking around and taking in the local art exhibited.

While the third space – enough red here, This is a red-free and calming area all in cooling whites and creams – is perfect to sit back and chill with a cup of Tiramisu Latte served with bites of lady fingers or the signature Airmericano which sets itself apart from a regular americano by injecting the drink with oxygen infused with caramel syrup, vanilla drops and topped with a jaunty spritz of orange peel.

Another must try is the Matchagarita, which is a unique combination of matcha tea mixed with rich orange syrup and lime soda. The Jack-o’-Lantern is another special drink, ready for the upcoming Halloween, and it is a unique blend of Thai tea and cocoa topped with foam.

As night falls, Great Shot Bar CNX gets ready to party and the mood glows deeper red in anticipation. The ambiance is sexy and secret and also super fun and gimmicky as mixologist Borwornan ‘Icetsu’ Takamanson shakes and stirs. Many of the drinks are named after photography techniques, as a continuation of the nod to photography by Pun, the owner.

Try the Miksang, from the Tibetan word which means ‘good eye’ which combines Lanna rice spirit with lemon and some special ingredients Great Shot will keep mum on for now.

Then there is the Double Exposure which promises double the flavour with strong flavours of matcha and pickled plum clashing and complementing one another. Added to this intriguing mix is gin, peach cordial, lemon and…egg yolk.

The Silhouette is a dark and mysterious looking drink which is infused with Mekong marinated in sesame, charcoal and yuzu honey with a touch of lemon, inspired by the owners’ love of Japan.

As if those won’t get you far enough into the night, why not keep going and try the Harvest, which was created for this upcoming Halloween. In it there is Saneha botanical Thai gin, pomegranate juice, Lillet Blanc aromatised wine, pandanas syrup soaked in camomile and tonic.

And if you need a break from all the alcohol, there is no need to miss out on this mixology experience, so order the Depth of Field, a mocktail of tomato juice, banana syrup, caramel, lemon, olive juice and rosemary.

If you love a good experiment, enjoy pushing your palate, are looking for a unique night out, are a photography lover, or just looking for somewhere new, check out this fabulous new find.

Open every day: Monday 8 am – 6 pm, Sunday 9 am – 6 pm
Tuesday – Friday: 8 am – midnight
Saturday: 9 am – midnight
Instagram: greatshotbarcnx