Get super healthy with Sunbliss Superfood

Not just a cafe and a retail shop, Sunbliss Superfood aims to become a part of the expanding Chiang Mai health and well-being community

By | Thu 28 Sep 2023


It is getting easier and easier for the average person to take charge of their own health, especially here in Chiang Mai, where health and wellness go beyond buzzwords, having been an integral part of the city’s DNA for many decades.

For over half a century we have had Royal Projects sprouting up across our mountainous north, developing and growing not just organic and healthy vegetables and fruits, but also knowledge and mindfulness amongst Northern consumers as to healthy consumption of nature’s bounty. Our culinary traditions have always relied on the freshest and most seasonal of produce, and our multiple award-winning chefs have, for the past many years, honed their expertise and creativity by making the most of what the fields, hills and valleys of Chiang Mai offer.

Not only that, because Chiang Mai is a seat of learning, with multiple universities brimming with academics and researchers, there has been a great amount of work done to not only develop our agriculture sector but build up a community which is aware of and careful as to what they put into their bodies.

To that end, Chiang Mai’s government sector has, for the past few years, honed into the concepts of health and wellness, supporting numerous businesses in sectors as all-encompassing as retreats, organic and health farms, supplements and food processing industries and especially how to add value to our natural produce. With such a rich culture in health and wellness, Chiang Mai’s many residents who are concerned for their health can now have access to the best and healthiest food available in the North.

And with the vibrant international expatriate community here as well as Chiang Mai’s role as an international tourism destination, we now also have opportunities to look beyond our local vegetable patches for products which can benefit our health.

Sunbliss Superfood, the North of Thailand’s first superfood café and destination.

“There are vegetables, fruits, plants, roots, leaves and barks around the world which contain extremely high concentrations of minerals, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and other compounds which have not only long traditions of known physical and mental benefits, but also proven so by modern science,” said the owner of Sunbliss Superfood, an American expatriate who has lived in Chiang Mai on and off for over a decade.

“What we have done is scour the world for some of the best superfoods; initially deciding on eight — four from South America and four from India. We have then spent years developing them into a powder which is branded under Sunbliss Superfood. The powder does not have any preservatives and has gone through the lengthy and well-scrutinised process of attaining its Non-GMO and USDA Organic certifications.”
He went on to explain that the eight superfoods are freeze-dried, retaining 100% of their nutrients so that they can journey from South America and India, via USA, to Thailand, brimming with good benefits. “We use high quality European-made UV blocking glass jars for all of our superfood powders to ensure natural preservation of our products for maximum nutrient-density and bioavailability.”

Understanding that people who care about health and wellbeing will certainly have questions, Sunbliss Superfood isn’t just opening a retail shop, they aim to become a resource centre, transparently sharing all knowledge about their products, in hopes of becoming an integral part of the expanding Chiang Mai health and wellbeing community. You can go there for a taste, to learn more about what particular superfoods are good for your personal health, to expand your dietary knowledge, to meet likeminded people and to begin, or continue your food and wellness journey.

The eight superfoods currently highlighted and available at Sunbliss Superfood are;

From South America — Açai (antioxidants, immunity, brain function), Maqui (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, blood health), Maca (energy, mood, libido) and Camu Camu (immunity, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants).

From India — Morninga (antioxidants, immunity, blood health), Triphala (detox, cleansing, blood/liver support, anti-inflammatory), Amla (vital organs, hair/skin/eyes, digestive balance) and Ashwagandha (calming, blood health and immunity).

The café has been open for a couple of weeks and at this point they are selling not just their powder products but also ready-made drinks as well as creative and lip-smackingly delicious smoothies.

You can pop in and grab a Sunbliss organic almond or cashew milk with no sugar or additives, an organic yogurt, a jar of wild honey from Chiang Rai or some coconut yogurt to take home. Sunbliss can also set up a routine delivery schedule to its customers for freshness convenience. But if you fancy spending some time chatting to the very knowledgeable crew, then pop in and order a Maqui superfood smoothie which is blended with mango, banana, vanilla whey protein and organic almond milk and yogurt and which will fill you up like any good meal, and taste delicious to boot. Every week more items will be added to the menu.

Sunbliss Superfood Cafe employs several chefs with experience in creating delicious natural recipes who are collaborating to develop what will soon become an all-day superfood menu, utilising the Sunbliss superfood powders and marrying them with the best and freshest of local ingredients, finding ever more creative — and tasty — ways to consume the products. For now, they have focused on smoothies, mixing the super powders with organic honey from Chiang Rai, homemade milk and coconut yogurts, cashew and almond milks and all the wonderful fruits and vegetables we have readily available, from avocados to mangos, bananas to pineapple. Nearly all of their products have been certified organic.

Sunbliss Superfood Cafe
Location: 167 7 Ratchapakhinai Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai
Tel: 065 495 5652
IG: sunbliss.superfood