Food Trails: Thai Desserts from Ka-mon Thai Mae Jo

Ka-mon Thai Mae Jo is a business run by three sisters specialising in Thai desserts. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

By | Thu 15 Nov 2018


Ka-mon Thai Mae Jo

Thai desserts have yet to come into their own, even though Thai savoury dishes are reconised world wide as being part of one of the greatest cuisines. But for whatever reason, those with sweet tooths tend to look west, rather than east, for their desserts.

Well the three sisters at this traditional dessert business is doing their best to change your minds. With recipes passed down from their grandmother to their mother, the three sisters have reclaimed Thai desserts, selling them on Facebook, so you can simply put in an order and voila! Classical desserts, many with no English names, are lovingly recreated off traditional recipes, though presented in a more modern way. Next time you have a dinner party, why not wow your guests with an array of traditional Thai desserts?

270/139 Soi 20 Moo 9, Baan Nonnipa, T. Nong Harn
Tel. 081 961 4886
Facebook: chefjomaejo