Eat Well: healthy dishes at Le Crystal Restaurant

Le Crystal, the elegant French restaurant on the banks of the Ping, features spectacular hish dishes on their menu. Healthy eating in style!

By | Thu 15 Feb 2018


Healthy dishes at Le Crystal Restaurant

Le Crystal Restaurant, the elegant French restaurant on the Ping, is featuring some great fish dishes for health lovers and if you are looking for good tastes that isn’t going to wreak havoc on your body, then head on over.

The steamed snow fish in ginger infused broth is a delicious dish where cabbage stock is used along with steamed cabbage leaves which are then used to wrap the snow fish before being steamed again. The stock is then mixed with just a little bit of butter and turned into a sauce which is served along with the fish, spring onions, coriander, lime and white wine.

Another fish dish to try is the baby sea bass with sundried tomatoes and pesto served with two sauces, the first sundried with parsley and olive oil and the other pesto with parmesan.

Fine dining doesn’t have to send you straight to the treadmill. When well thought out, using good techniques, understanding produce and flavour profiles, you can dine like a rock star while knowing that your body is being well cared for.

Le Crystal Restaurant
74/2 Patan Road, T. Patan (by the Ping River)
Open 6 – 10.30pm (live jazz band starts at 7.30pm-10pm daily except Sundays)
Tel. 053 218 059, 053 218 060
Facebook: Lecrystal.French.Cuisine