Fine dining at Mira, RatiLanna Resort

Mira at RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort is one such spot which affords sweeping views in its wonderful river location, a sense of Thai cuisine

By | Fri 16 Jun 2023


Set along the banks of the Ping River, RatiLanna Resort’s Mira restaurant is an elegant restaurant which serves up a rather ambitious menu of classical Thai, creative Thai as well as international dishes.

Sit in luxury and comfort in the classy indoors dining area where teak floors gleam and local arts and crafts are featured or enjoy the great outdoors on sumptuous lounge chairs as you take in the fresh breeze and romantic twinkling lights. It is best to then order from a well curated wine list which is surprisingly affordable while you take your time to peruse the rather large menu.

If you are looking for a classically Thai, or even northern Thai, dining experience, then there are plenty of items on the menu which feature all the high notes of Thai cuisine.

Start with a collection of classic appetisers such as a succulent piece of chicken or pork satay, perhaps a spicy and refreshing pomelo salad or Thailand’s beloved snack. Deep fried sun-dried pork served with sweet chili sauce. If all these choices are too much, then just go for the Mira Mixed appetisers which offers up a petite dish of piquant banana blossom salad with minced pork and shrimps, a bowl of spicy pomelo salad, a plate of fried chicken wings with fresh vegetables and some spring rolls which you can dig into all by yourself, or go Thai-style, and share.

Most of Thailand’s as well as Chiang Mai’s famous dishes can be found on this menu, from tom yum kung to tom kha gai, pad krapao to a slew of meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

For the more adventurous palate, you can check out some of their more creative fusion dishes such as the Northern Thai hung-le curry which is usually made of pork, but instead using lamb, with an added twist of ginkgo nut, and served deconstructed so that you can add your own cashew nuts, fried shallots or picked garlic.

Then there is the very rich pad cha dish which in this case uses imported salmon, which offers up firmer bites of meat when mixed in with all the herbs, chili, young peppercorns and basil leaves.

Even the desserts have a hint of whimsy to them such as the lamyai pudding which uses the local fruit to make into a jelly-ish pudding and served with fresh seasonal and imported fruits on a skewer.

Then there are all of the international dishes from the pasta menu which runs the gamut from classics such as carbonara and pomodoro and fusion with prawns and dried chili. The same goes for the pizza menu and there is also an excellent meat menu offering imported Australian lamb racks, Japanese wagyu steak, Norwegian salmon, pan seared duck breast and BBQ pork ribs.

Mira is a great spot to bring guests and clients to entertain as they will get a sense of Chiang Mai in its wonderful river location, a sense of Thai cuisine, as Executive Chef Sorayuth Kaewyon brings his formidable quarter-century skills to the kitchen, as well as satisfying a diverse dietary and taste requirements with a very comprehensive menu.

The wine list is very reasonable, with some fancy champagnes and wines for special occasions, but a well curated house wine list at prices below 2,000 a bottle, which is very reasonable for such a luxury hotel.

Best of all, Chef Sorayuth is a master fruit carver and has a real passion for presentation, which is and has long been, a very important aspect of Thai cuisine, especially Royal Thai cuisine from central Thailand.

Next time you are looking for a place to go to impress and be impressed, check out Mira at RatiLanna Riverside Resort.

Mira, Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort
Chang Klan Road
Tel. 053 999 333
Open 11am-midnight
Facebook: RatiLannaCM