Fairy godmother fruit smoothie says business is steady

One fruit juice vendor tightens belt and survives economic hardship.

By | Mon 17 Aug 2020

Businesses are doing whatever they can in this current environment to survive; some by cutting costs, others by investing.

One woman who says her business has remained fairly steady is the fruit smoothie known around town as Fairy godmother juicer.

For 18 years now Auntie Daeng, 61, has been selling all of her products – from juices to smoothies to soft drinks – at ten baht a pop.

Her little cart sits on Chang Klan Road (opposite Soi Suthasinee 3) and while she, along with the rest of the world, had to shut down for a month over the worst of the lockdown, she said that her customers kept asking her when she would be open and the moment she could she did so and her customers have remained loyal.

“I always buy local fruits sold by local farmers,” said Auntie Daeng. “And while the prices have gone up and down over the years, what I have always maintained is the 10 baht price I charge my customers. This is no different. My profit margins have now been reduced to 2-3 baht per cup. But I am selling 200-300 cups per day, even 400 when it’s really hot, and that is enough for me. It is about all of us surviving together.”