Dining in the Dark — Puravida’s Valentine’s Day Special

By | Tue 31 Jan 2023

Puravida Latin Bar & Cigar Lounge is bringing a one-of-a-kind Valentine dinner to all the valentines in Chiang Mai this year on 14th February.

You must have heard that when your eyes don’t see, all your other senses become more alive; that is exactly what this Valentine’s will be like!

You know what’s best for Valentine’s Day? Surprises of course. Throughout the dinner, the only thing you will know for sure is the valentine you bring; you won’t even know what you have had for dinner until the evening is over except it’s absolutely exquisite and deeeeelicious.

There will be three time slots available that evening, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm; and performances everyday from 10:30pm to 12am as well when all lights are back on.

The prices will be different for couples (2,300 baht) and all the single ladies and gents (2,000 baht), and the walk-ins (2,800 baht) depending on the availability for the evening. So make sure you make reservations beforehand and tell the staff if they’ll be expecting a couple or a bachelor/bachelorette.

What’s even more special about the whole event is that, part of the earnings will go to the Community of the Blind as a donation, and blind servers will be working with Puravida during the whole thing. So nay nay, it’s not just ANY Valentine’s dinner.

And for the single fellas out there, there will be blind dating going on. I repeat, there will be blind dating going on. Have a ball and just sit back and wait til after dinner to see who you’re matched with in the “After Dinner” Room. Ooooh mysterious~ How exciting!

Event details: https://facebook.com/events/s/valentines-day-special-14-feb-/1172410486727620/

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/9JpnJj8CvpyNsxzW8?g_st=ic

Email: puravida.comeasyouare@gmail.com

Facebook: cnxpuravidacigarlounge

Instagram: @puravida_cigarlounge

Mobile: 0804388101