Crossroads cuisine at Khu Khao

Khu Khao restaurant at Raya Heritage will transport your taste buds not only to another time, but to many other places in the region.

By | Tue 4 Jan 2022


Set by a tranquil stretch of the Ping River, Khu Khao restaurant at Raya Heritage is a charming restaurant that will transport your taste buds not only to another time, but to many other places in the region.

And what do they mean by crossroads? Well, Chiang Mai has long been at the crossroads of many important regional trade routes, our cuisine greatly influenced by many others. Khu Khao celebrates this culinary richness and diversity by featuring a menu which presents a range of both traditional and modern interpretations of dishes from Thailand’s many regions as well as China, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Each dish tells a story and offers a unique flavour of its origins, while all being organic and using locally sourced produced.

The resort’s Executive Chef Somyot Pokpong, suggests a few dishes here to whet your appetite. Start off with the Khao Ram Fuen, a classic dish from our Tai Yai neighbours to the west. This traditional tofu dish is made from bean spout, Chinese chive and corn with a rich spicy sweet and sour peanut sauce. Chef Somyot, however, has added some creative magic by adding shredded chicken, corn and Chinese sausage, for added flavour.

The Garden Bowl salad is also a must try; filled with seasonal organic veggies from pumpkin to sayote mushrooms and all sorts of wholesome goodness such as sunflower seeds and Job’s tears. Tossed with a Ceasar, balsamic or vinaigrette dressing and voila, you have a healthy meal.

The Miang Pla Thod Bai Chaploo is another fun dish which wraps trout from the Royal Project with betel leaf, skewers it all and then give it a quick fry. Served with ginger, lemongrass, garlic, chili and slices of lime, these bite-sized delights which are flavoured with the ubiquitous Thai shrimp paste, and are unique to Khu Khao.
Chef Somyot recommends Yok-Manee for dessert, a very old and hard to find Thai dessert dish which mixes the aromatic flavours of coconut and pandan, served with a rich icecream and topped with sesame seeds.

And you can wash it all down with a number of creative cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices and alcoholic drinks of your choice. We do recommend the Khu Khao butterfly pea and lime drink which is as refreshing as they come. The Baan Tha is another lovely drink which infuses river-side lemongrass with freshly picked basil. Some Mekong, honey and passion fruit round up this exciting cocktail.

The Jang Hei is a wonderful drink of freshly squeezed sugarcane, topped with the pert flavour of mint and a squeeze of lime, swishing around in bubbling soda. And lastly, the Lotus Root Sparkle is a sweet orange, lime and soda juice with sweetness added by lotus stem syrup.

With this weather, this is the time to stop time and spend time at Khu Khao.
KHU KHAO Restaurant at Raya Heritage
Open Daily 7.30am -10.30am, 11.30am – 11pm
157 Moo 6, Tambol Donkaew, Amphoe Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Tel. 053 111 670 – 73