Let your Imagic-nation go wild! at Time After Time by Invest Academy

Greetings magicians and welcome to Hogwarts; Expecto patronum baby!

By | Wed 16 Dec 2020

Any Harry Potter fans out there? If you too love your Harry Potterverse, then you must check out this little magic house that will cast a happy spell on you.

Located not so far from Maejo University, this little place is a student favourite. A little cafe decorated in a Harry Potter theme that will make you feel like a wizard while staying. Inside, they have Harry Potter series ready for you to play with, you can cast your spell using a magic wand, get your invisibility cloak on to vanish like a wizard, choose your favourite house’s costume to try on or let The Sorting Hat decided what you are going to eat.

They serve homemade bakery products and you shouldn’t miss their brownies, honey toasts or the student favourite, bingsu. Wash it all down with some coffee and tea. If you are hungry, they also have lunch and dinner menus such as steak, rice dish, spaghetti, and snacks.

Here is our favourite part – the special menu. Do you remember Butterbeer? There you go, they have it for you. Not only that, Polyjuice Potion, Felix Felicis, Unicorn Blood, and Amortentia will also be waiting for you to try.

The prices are decent for students, starting with 55 baht for a regular menu.

Location: Soi Wat Thung Muean Noi, Baan Nonnipa Village, San Sai

GPS: 18.88836117256086, 98.99891861898902

Open: 11 am – 9pm close on Wednesdays

Tel: 090 316 7624

Facebook : Time After Time by Invest Academy