Khun Chang Khian coffee

Does a roadside café atop Doi Pui serve the best coffee in Thailand? Citylife takes a look at a tiny coffeeshop with a giant reputation.

By | Wed 13 Mar 2019

This tiny little roadside café is set by the camping grounds atop Doi Pui where the famous cherry blossoms are currently blooming. Busy behind the counter is Chatree Saeyang, a good natured local of the nearby village who has grown up surrounded by coffee. Khun Chang Khan village enjoys the envy of many other coffee growing areas in the north in that His Majesty the late King Rama IX gave them coffee saplings to plant from his own hands. Today lychee and coffee are the main crops of the village and the coffee has won the Best quality Grade by the Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand.

“Our signature coffee is the drip coffee. We are a slow bar and aim to really please coffee lovers,” said Chatree, as he served us a freshly brewed cup in a small ceramics cup.

Take your time, slowly wend your way up the steep and curved mountain road, sit, sip and chat with Chatree to hear about the development of coffee in this award winning village and take in the vistas.

Khun Chang Kian Coffee
16 Khun Chang Kian Village, T. Chang Puek
Tel. 084 612 8047
Facebook: กาแฟขุนช่างเคี่ยน