Chang Moi Cafés

Chang Moi was an old city street renowned for its rattan. Today, generations-old rattan shops have been replaced by trendy cafes.

By | Sat 1 Jun 2019

Vieng Pha Café

A humble vintage café and camping shop from Chai Prakarn District, has branched out and now joins a number of cool and trendy shops emerging along the pavements of old Chang Moi Road. Set in a century-old wooden house, the café features an eclectic blend of wooden furnishings, kitsch gilded accents, tropical flowers and furniture as well as objet d’arts from partner, Don Design. The original Vieng Pha only opens in winter and that was how its owner began to spend the rest of the year here in the city, finally taking the plunge and opening the city branch. Exquisite homemade food yearned for by loyal fans are rich in taste and often very original in flavours. Try the fettuccini with grilled salmon in tomato sauce which is well balanced yet bold in taste, while the shrimp cabonara is not just creamy with loads of cheese but there is a clear sense of shrimp, adding a little dimension to the dish. Coffee is organic and tea is premium grade. Check it out.

225 Chang Moi Road, T. Chang Moi
Open 8am – 8pm
Tel. 086 670 4624


Cub House

All motorcycle fans must check this out! This is Honda X Greyhound Café, a collaboration presenting a showroom and a cool flagship café from Bangkok. Here you will find Honda classics Momkey and C125 series. At the tidy squeaky-clean garage, you will be able to get your beloved bike customised to your preference, while sitting with a hot or cold brew at Greyhound Café, bang smack in the middle of the showroom, offering you a bird’s eye view, so you don’t miss what is going on with your ride while being served some savoury dishes and signature drinks named after these two motorcycle series, available only at this franchise. There are 10 cafes nationwide and only two in the northern Thailand. The café welcomes those who seek a place to settle in with a laptop and work. There are breakfast options and salads to feed your appetite along with some sweets to indulge in.

62 Chotana Road, T. Chang Moi
Open 8.30am – 5.30pm (closed Sundays)
Tel. 087 566 6059
Facebook: CubHouseChiangmai


Changmoi Chamook

This tiny wee café has such a continuous flow of customers that sometimes queues spill out onto the pavement. Lovers of bubble tea will enjoy the special bubbles at this location due to their softness and less chewy texture. What makes this place different from the rest is the mild flavour of the tea that is thoughtfully crafted by a mother who is now ready to pass this place down to her daughter. It is not too sweet and the milk is added in just at the right amount giving the tea some room to let its aromas gently puff up your nose. A popular drink is the Copper tea which consists of three difference kinds of tea. There are also non-tea and non-milk drinks on the menu.

Chotana Road, T. Chang Moi
Open 10am – 6pm
Tel. 091 801 5056
Facebook: ChangmoiChamookChiangMai