Classic Thai fare in a charming Mae Rim garden

As we slowly emerge from our homey cocoons many of us have been hibernating in over the past year or so, we are spoilt for choice as to where to go and which businesses to patronise. So if you are in the mood for a short drive out of the city, a stone’s throw from Mae Rim town, to find a quiet and leafy garden in which to sit and indulge in delightful Thai and international cuisine, then here is a fantastic option we can’t recommend enough.

By | Thu 10 Jun 2021


Nest Mae Rim, self-styled as, “A little vacation nest for lodging and meals hiding in a secret garden”, which is a charmingly apt description for this gem of a destination, is featuring some very tempting dishes.

Here are a few our team has sampled which we very much recommend you try. There is the classic Northern Thai noodle curry soup (khao soy to we locals) with the perfect topping of crunchy egg noodles which uses remarkably tender braised beef cheeks promising to melt-in-the-mouth. Or you can try the fried bread with minced pork spread, a traditional Central Thai appetizer which comes with a refreshing cucumber dip. Another classic is the pad-Thai, or for non-locals, the Thai style fried noodle with prawns, with perfectly cooked noodles and bursting with flavours – also available for vegetarians. The colourful Thai shrimp paste fried rice is another crowd pleaser, as is the spaghetti with Northern Thai spicy sausage, a great fusion dish of Eastern spice and western technique.

Apart from these well-known dishes, there are some special and harder-to-find rarities well worth checking out. The Royal summer khao chae is one Thai dish which everyone must try, at least once. Aromatic jasmine rice is cooked and then placed in iced water with freshly-plucked jasmine flowers floating prettily on top. There is then a smorgasbord of sides, all very complex and time consuming to make, to complement the cool bowl of rice. These items include the rich flavours of kapi balls, made from wild ginger, shallots, garlic, palm sugar shrimp paste, pounded together, cooked and rolled into petite balls, some fish-herb-spices stuffed shallots which are then batter fried, a couple of stuffed sweet peppers, stuffed with ground pork and all sorts of herbs and spices, steamed, cooled, deep fried and then wrapped in a net of lacy fried eggs, shredded sweetened beef or pork, seasoned with palm sugar and fish sauce, allowed to dry, and then deep fried, stir-fried sweet pickled Chinese turnips with eggs, raw mango, fresh cucumber, fresh wild ginger, fresh chilies and fresh spring onions. It is a very complex, exciting and hard to find dish which showcases some of the best of Thai cooking techniques.

As if that isn’t enough, try the kanom cheen saw nam, or Thai rice noodle with coconut milk, a lovely lunch dish, before digging into some desserts such as the traditional sohm choon fruit dessert filled with lychee, mangos and seasonal fruits or the chilled santol or mangosteen in syrup.

Basically you will be spoilt for choice. And it is a lovely setting in which to indulge, read a book, catch up with some friends or just while away a lazy day.

Nest Boutique Garden Home & Café
180 Moo1, T. Don Kaew, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Open daily: 8.30am -4.30pm
Tel.0-5386- 2913, 08-3947-7232