Citylife Garden Fair is baaaaack!

By | Tue 3 Oct 2023

Mark your calendars, gather up your friends and make sure you head to the Citylife Garden Fair at Boonthavorn Gardens on Saturday the 25th November 2023 for Chiang Mai’s BIG FAMILY DAY OUT!


Glance at the past

Citylife Garden Fair began in early 2005, a small event featuring Citylife’s friends, readers and customers, who came together to raise money for the victims of the 2004 tsunami. We had about 25 stalls, a thousand shoppers and local talent performing. It was such a success that for ten years we held two fairs a year! Our biggest fair was held just before the pandemic hit in late 2019, with over 10,000 visitors, 400 stalls and raising over 400,000 baht for charity. Over the years we have raised millions of baht for dozens of local charities and welcomed hundreds of thousands of Thais, expats and tourists to our grounds.

Gearing Up

This year’s fair is already just about all booked up, with hundreds of businesses having already committed to coming to feature their products and services. There will be five star hotels selling bubbles and fine food, there will be craftspeople and artisans showing off their wares and creative products – Christmas shopping anyone? – ranging from home made candles to exquisite textiles, there will be activities for children from face painting to games, there will be live music throughout the day, performed by volunteer musicians, some of the best and most exciting on the scene. And it will be fun!



Pom Pom Playground

The Citylife Garden Fair is pleased as punch to announce our sponsor this year – Glom Theatre. Glom Theatre was founded last year with big ambitions and “an underlying mission to push boundaries and expand the horizon of what is creatively possible through interactive, sensory events that go far beyond the traditional stage. Founded by amateurs and guided by professionals, Glom is more than just a theatre group – it’s a journey of self-discovery and exploration into the very heart of the human condition.”

Glom has taken up an entire island within the Citylife Garden Fair grounds and will be featuring a pop-up playground with whacky Pom Pom characters, a sneak peak at the up and coming Children’s Festival by Glom, a treasure hunt, juggling and relay races, a tug of war and all sorts of fun and games for the entire family.


Loy Krathong

This year will mark the first year that Citylife Garden Fair will host a Loy Krathong activity, supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Chiang Mai. Citylife Garden Fair will be held throughout the day at Boonthavorn Garden on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Road. We will be organising shuttles from town to the grounds, so will keep you posted when we firm up details. We will have parking for nearly 1,000 cars, with shuttles running between the carpark and the fair. There is no entrance fee, though we encourage you to please support our efforts to raise money for charity, with details to be announced shortly. To that end there will be a live auction of donated gifts from Chiang Mai’s many businesses – if you wish to donate anything, from a voucher to a product, 100% of monies raised from the donations goes towards local charities which we will soon announce. We will also be putting the vast majority of donated gifts (which in typical years number in the hundreds) into a tombola (raffle) with high chances to win all sorts of amazing prizes on the spot, so make sure you go large. Again, 100% of money goes towards charities.


There will be dozens, if not hundreds of food stalls, from food trucks, local delights, imported specialties and some of the best bites cooked by some of the city’s greatest chefs. We will have smoothies, fruit juice, coffees, teas, noodles, soft drinks, ice creams, beers, cocktails, cookies, and wine! You can lounge under a tree and have a massive picnic with some friends, sit by the stage and rock out to some fabulous music, wander the fair meeting and greeting thousands of wonderful people and just spend the day exploring, shopping, eating, drinking, dancing and socialising.

Please help us spread the word, this is Chiang Mai’s BIG DAY OUT and we hope to see ALL of you there!

If you have any questions, wish to book a booth, want to donate towards charity or just want to make a suggestion, you can call us on 097 091 6283 or LINE

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