Fujian Cantonese and Modern Chinese Restaurant

Fujian at the Dhara Dhevi is a Cantonese & modern Chinese restaurant, offering fine dining in an exquisite Sino-Portuguese setting.

By | Thu 13 Dec 2018


Fujian, Dhara Dhevi’s Cantonese and modern Chinese restaurant, is a fine dining destination, not just for its generous selection of delicious dishes, but also the exquisite Sino-Portuguese décor and setting.

Start with a hot and cold hors d’oeuvre combo platter of crispy pork, grilled duck and salted fried fish, each with its own distinctive flavours, designed to whet the appetite. Then order the wok-fried scallops with XO sauce, which coats the fresh scallops with the rich umami flavours of the chef’s special sauce. The double boiled fish maw soup with black mushrooms is a favourite for we Thais, and here it is served with quality chunks of fish maw, in a delicately balanced broth – light yet retaining a hint of the sticky thick texture we love – and with the addition of the aromatic mushrooms, the dish tastes like coming home.

These are Fujian’s signature dishes, but there are so many other choices to suit your palate, including a great dim sum offering.

Fujian’s hot and cold combination platter
Double boiled fish maw soup with black mushrooms
Wok-fried scallops with X.O. Sauce

Fujian, The Dhara Dhevi  Chiang Mai

51/4 Chaing Mai – Sankampaeng Road, Tha Sala
Lunch: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm
Dinner: 6 am – 4.30 pm
Tel. 053 888 888
Facebook: DharaDheviCNX