Best Chinese Restaurants in Chiang Mai

7 Chinese restaurants. In keeping with our theme. Here are some of Chiang Mai's choiest Chinese food facilitaors for your culinary pleasure.

By | Wed 31 Jul 2013

Jia Thong Heng

Jia Thong Heng now in its third generation

Jia Thong Heng restaurant is one of the longest-standing restaurants in Chiang Mai, having begun serving Teochew Chinese cuisine over six decades ago.

Jia Thong Heng’s beginnings were humble, as was Chiang Mai at the time. But over the years Jia Thong Heng became a brand synonymous with celebrations and marking life moments, as families and colleagues would gather around the round table to celebrate or the restaurant would cater to any number of important outside events.

The restaurant, and its menu (and in fact its founder’s family) expanded over the years and now, as we emerge post Covid, there stands three Jia Thong Heng restaurants across Chiang Mai, today run by the third generation of the family.

Classic Chinese dishes from multiple regions across China are served up with an emphasis on consistently authentic flavours. There are recipes which have lasted the entire 65 years since the restaurant opened, in fact, its stewed duck in herbs has been cooking in the same pot for all these years!

If you are looking for solid, delicious Chinese cuisine with the stamp of approval, not just from Michelin Guide, but also Chiang Mai locals, this is it.

Jia Thong Heng

Jiatongheng Sridornchai Branch (Michelin Guide 2021)​ : 062-3082025

Jiatongheng Faham Branch :  088-5477788

Jiatongheng One Nimman Branch : 093-2254666

Website :



Chang, a Cantonese restaurant in Chang Moi, should be your next Chinese food destination, if you like authentic Chinese flavours but with modern presentations and twists.

Set amidst a row of town houses, many of which are being redesigned, revived and reopened over the past few months, creating a charming little soi bustling with businesses new and old, Chang serves up delightful dishes in a casual and intimate setting.

Bring your own wines and chow down on a feast created by chef Narapong Kong come who has worked in Chinese kitchens for over twenty years, including having studied for two years under the chef at a famous two Michelin stared restaurant in Singapore.

Each dish is beautifully presented and on arrival looks vibrant and modern, yet retaining those classic Cantonese flavours we love.

Try the menu highlight, the taro-roasted chicken where chicken skin is air-dried for four hours before being roasted with taro and fried, served with the special house sauce, a unique dish you won’t find anywhere else in the city. There is also a tasty sampler of creative and innovative dim sums you can order, with four different dim sums served up on one dish, making for a fun dining experience. The fried rice with double egg served in a charming bamboo tube and the pan fried chives cakes are both highly recommended.

Delicious food, kind prices, great location and a must try for all Cantonese food lovers.

Chang Cantonese Food

8 Chang Moi Kao Rd., T. Chang Moi, Muang

Open: 11 am – 9pm (close on Wednesday)

Tel. 099 293 4220