China’s best dishes at Han The Chinese Cuisine

Marriott’s brand new Han The Chinese cuisine offers authentic Chinese cuisine from renowned regions and the flavors of Szechuan

By | Mon 11 Mar 2024


While China’s multitude of cuisines are as rich and varied as any of the other best world cuisines, there are some dishes which stand out and are more well known than others, especially for we Thais who have grown up on Chinese fare.

What Marriott’s brand new Han The Chinese Cuisine offers is to double down on our favourite dishes, elevating them to perfection. You will likely know most of the dishes on the menu, and it is this familiarity, along with the surprise which comes with the delivery, which makes Han The Chinese Cusine unique here in Chiang Mai.

If you have a large group then make sure you preorder the Peking duck, bbq pork and crispy pork, each bite cooked to crisp and tender perfection. Dig into the succulent slithers of braised pork belly with soy bean and hoisin sauce served with a bouncy steamed bun. Stick your chops into a tender meat-filled shrimp shumai topped with roe, some traditional har gow, dumplings and wontons or steamy soft buns filled with oozy delight. The jelly fish with spicy sesame chili bounces in your mouth and is a must order. These familiar dishes are reasonably priced, using only quality ingredients, making for a great spot for lunch or dinner with colleagues, friends or lovers.

Go and see if your favourite dish is served at Han The Chinese Cuisine’s…we bet it is.

Han The Chinese Cuisine
1 st floor, Chiang Mai Marriott Hotel
Open daily: 12am – 11pm.