Chiang Mai’s chefs do us proud with Michelin Guide nods

Chiang Mai has been included in the Michelin Guide for the first time, causing great excitement among the chefs and foodie community in the city.

By | Tue 12 Nov 2019

CityNews – The much anticipated Michelin Guide announcements were made yesterday, 11th November 2019 and Chiang Mai has been included for the first time. Chefs and restaurateurs have been on tenterhooks since last October when Michelin Guide made a whole song and dance about surveying the Chiang Mai foodscape for the first time. And while some names have been dropped as possible awardees of a star, we haven’t quite reached the lofty standards of the Michelin Guide as yet.

One restaurateur who wishes not to be named said to CityNews today, “It’s a tough one. I know many restaurants with dishes which would certainly quality for Michelin stars, but the fact is we have to appeal to the wider Chiang Mai market, so we have to include dishes which may be cheaper or less haute in our menus as we have to survive the entire year, high and low season, which just naturally excludes us from meeting the guide’s standards. Chiang Mai just doesn’t have that consistent number of diners to support a full -on Michelin starred restaurant.”

However, there is much to celebrate!

In the list for the five best Thai dishes, the judges scoured the country’s kitchens and decided that one of them is Red Box’s chicken satay with thick peanut sauce, a tenderly marinated chicken satay with a thick rich sauce of creamy spiciness.

Red Box continues its formidable run by also being cited as serving one of the best signature dishes in Thailand, its coconut ice-cream.

Then there is the Bib Gourmand, which mentions good quality, good value restaurants, and Chiang Mai had a whopping 17 nods – Gai Yang Cherng Doi, Ginger Farm Kitchen, Han Theung Chiang Mai, Huan Soontaree, Huen Muan Jai, Khao Soi Mae Manee, Khao Tom Yong (Suthep Road), KruaYa, Kuakai Nimman, Meena Rice Based Cuisine, Na Chantra, Racharos, Rote Yiam Beef Noodles, Saiyut and Doctor Sai Kitchen, Sanpakoi Kanomjeen, SP Chicken, The House by Ginger.

This is nothing to scoff at. These are high quality restaurants, which may not have impeccable fine dining, but offer excellent quality for money and they are all deserving.

This is a developing story, as Michelin Guide appears to be still posting news and updates.