Tea Leaf Lab and chef’s secrets with Roman Sturn

Chef Roman Sturn talks about his desserts at the Tea Leaf Lab.

By | Thu 15 Feb 2018

Tea Leaf Lab
desserts with Roman Sturn

Chef’s duty Aside from having to wear a body as a scientist Then carefully measuring and measuring scales and hands Must have the spirit of the artist as well To get the look of a beautiful food or bakery Full of imagination and a deliciously sweet flavour
The key to a chef’s career Live in creativity And there are no shortcuts to success in a short period of time Because the final imagination will crystallize into a gem The chefs are all through the kitchen field. Sharpening knives in hands for more than 5-10 years
“Thailand is the paradise city of many chefs. Because it is a land full of various savoury-sweet foods Made me decide to create myself here And established a small pastry shop where I was able to convey my baking experience abroad. “Chef Roman Sturn, hot kitchen chef and dessert People who previously worked at a Michelin-starred shop German – French Revealing with a smile while talking about the first impressive experience in Thailand. Which is the birthplace of his spouse Kamolrat Yodkam or Kamolrat Yodkam But before having a small bakery Successful in Thailand Chef Chef has lived more than half a decade in the food industry. Take yourself to explore the world and meet better people. Learn experience and develop many secret recipes Luckily Chef Roman found himself in love with the kitchen since he was 16 years old. He continued to study in Germany when he was 19 years old. He moved to England and started working at a hotel in the Cotswolds area

England is a country that brings together sweets throughout Europe and the disadvantages of each part of the dessert. By adding the advantages of other types of desserts to add to it, “Chef Roman said
while enjoying the work in each city that stepped in. He met Khun Ket and gave him the opportunity to come to Thailand. Ready to start thinking of ways to open a bakery together.

“At first I had not moved to Thailand immediately. Because he still has various missions in England Including studying further in management in Germany All the time living in Europe I went to work in the skiing season of Europeans in Austria. Followed by a Michelin-starred pastry chef at Gilpin Lodge Hotel for 2-3 years and finally came to live in Chiang Mai To open a tea-bakery shop with Mr. Ked. ”

Tea Leaf Lab is the name of their tea and bakery shop. Which comes from inspiration when Chef Roman worked at a famous hotel in Afternoon Tea in England And having to make more than 250-300 afternoon tea sets per day, allowing him to learn more about different types of tea.

“England is a country with a wide tea culture. Many times the tea is suitable for sipping with most bakeries. Because tea will serve to refresh Lightness in the stomach While various bakeries or desserts Will have a mixture of butter and sugar Which makes the stomach full.Moreover, tea is a drink that can add many features, such as adding dried flowers or dried fruits to add color and a new dimension of flavor. ”

Within the next 5 years, Chef Roman and Khun Ket have made plans to change to various desserts. More organic As well as choosing seasonal ingredients for baking To get the best flavor By producing everything Will come from Khun Ked’s private orchard Which is a garden that has been certified by government agencies that “Good soil and water quality” and they also intend to help develop this garden To be a 100% organic farming place to open as a tourist attraction.

Tea Leaf Lab
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