Celebrate the season with festive bites at Saruda Finest Pastry Espace

Celebrate this joyous festive occasion with six special treats from Pastry Chef Saruda at Saruda Finest Pastry Espace

By | Fri 8 Dec 2023


Pastry Chef Saruda has prepared six special treats for your sweet teeth to dig into this holiday season:

Saint Nick: How adorable is this fruity flavoured Santa hat? It uses local craft chocolate made right here in Chiang Mai and hides an oozy filling of chocolate raspberry mousse.

Mont Blanc: A rich chocolate cake topped with cream of chestnut mixed with chocolate crumble with a filling of chestnuts and blueberry sauce in red wine.

Molly: Aromatic chocolate and almond mouse are served with pear confit with a secret little flower hidden inside.

Christmas Tree: This perfect little Christmas tree hides many presents from the sweet and sour black cherry elevated by the Griotte cherry liqueur to the crunch of the pistachio.

Snowy: This adorable snowman who sits on a bed of waffle, is made of a confit of carrots and yuzu mixed with cream cheese and Gianluca chocolate with crunch pecan.

Grace: This cake is made of strawberry and yogurt mousse with layers of fun! There is strawberry jam compote, lemon cake, raspberry whipped cream, strawberry sponge cake and strawberry yogurt crumble!

If you are looking for something with more of a wow factor, Chef Saruda has also created a line of bits cakes to crown any Christmas table.

Stollen Butter Cake: This classic German Christmas cake is made from fine butter cake filled with salmons and fruits served up as a house fitting of any fairy tale. You can also order this cake in a variety of flavours from chocolate to strawberry, raspberry or cheesecake.

Impeccable pastries, classically made with the highest quality of imported ingredients and made with love by a local Chiang Mai baker. Happy holidays!

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