Casual and chilled

Get your chill on at some great hang-out venues in Chiang Mai.

By | Sat 1 Jun 2019

If you are in the mood to just go somewhere and hang out, then here are a few venues you may want to check out.


Hurry! This is the latest place in town for chocolate lovers, and as regularly announced on their Facebook page, they often sell out before closing time, they are so popular. People are queuing up on the street to get the chance to grab a glass of some creative versions of the traditional cocoa drink. It’s super rich and pretty damn sweet…and people love it. Only about 10% of the drinks have milk as the rest is just pure chocolate and other goodness. There are the classic milk chocolate flavours, but for those who like it dark, you can get some serious cocoa flavours here. You can also add some whipped cream and marshmallow if you have a sweet tooth, and not worried about the calories. The shop is tiny and there are no seatings available, the only option is to take away.

Witchayanon Road, T. Chang Moi
Open 5pm – 2am
Tel. 083 566 7875
Facebook: Cocoa6Cafe

Bodeesorn Slow Bar

This is a great spot for a casual break during the day. The café is established by a passionate owner who taught himself into the world of coffee. Originally, it is a slow bar café serving coffee drip but to meet the lifestyle of customers in the area the menu has been extended to more common drinks such as latte and espresso. To combat the heat, Coffee Pop is the drink to try. Inspired by pop rocks, that candy that popped in our mouths that we loved as children, cold brew coffee is mixed with juice and tonic with a mild hint of mint on top. Rose tea is also a recommended drink which uses tea leaves from Sri Lanka. The owner has some tricks up his sleeves and when you take a sip of this drink, the aroma of rose just puffs up into your nose. The café also has a nail salon in the back which will give all ladies a 50% discount off a drink.

Charoen Muang Road, Te. Nong Pa Khrang
Open 9.30am – 6pm
Facebook: bordeesorn

Tita gallery

Tita Gallery and Café is virtually a household name here, being one of the first gallery cafes to open in Chiang Mai, and setting standards for many to follow. The café has now moved to a new location in Mae Rim in a convenient road-side location, making it easy to stop for a nice glass of refreshing juice or a cup of coffee. Mango smoothies with golden treads chiffon is a combo you might just need to add some delight to your afternoon. There is some comfort food available on the menu to fill you appetite like fried rice and Thai style spaghetti which will never fail you. Handicrafts work are featured throughout the space, from little pieces of jewellery and trinkets to paintings by renowned artists. For a little private chill out zone, we recommend you pick a table at the long kao, the little house built from a traditional rice barn, set behind the main building, a cute little corner awaits.

107, Highway 107 T. San Pong, A. Mae Rim
Open 8am – 6pm
Tel. 089 648 6454
Facebook: Tita Gallery