Cannabis cuisine anyone? 7 destinations for the top pot bites in town

The age of cannabis is arriving and here are some of the best edibles in town

By | Mon 12 Apr 2021

While the laws about the growing, trading and consumption of cannabis is still rather vague, there are great strides being made to legalise cannabis, and many people are getting excited.

In fact, here are some restaurants who have jumped onto the dope bandwagon and are serving up cheeky and daring dishes featuring the famed pronged leaf.

Citylife had to brave the dangers, and lures, of the weed to bring you some of our favourite destinations in town which have incorporated cannabis into their menus.

All of the business featured have licenses to purchase marijuana leaves and serve them up in their cuisine.

Rosario Oasis Resort

This sprawling resort overlooking endless paddy fields which meet the Doi Suthep Pui mountains on the horizon is a perfect getaway a mere 15-20 minutes from the city.

Serving up a large menu covering Thai and international cuisine with all sorts of fusion and creative offerings in between, Rosario now offers pork and beef steaks marinated and wrapped in marijuana leaves starting at a sensible 280 baht per dish. This is a great place to go and while away an entire day, weekend even, taking a dip in the pool, having a cold drink while watching the sunset and digging into a bit of dabbing.

Rosario Oasis Resort
Open daily 10am-10pm
053 000 668, 082 190 4805

Ton Moo 

This tiny restaurant has the distinction of having been the first in Chiang Mai to legally sell marijuana in their food, and it looks like the lead has got them way ahead of the game.

Here you can order freshly squeezed marijuana juice…with an added shot of concentrated pressed marijuana jauntily topped with marijuana jelly or try the aromatic marijuana tea, as well as a selection of ‘normal high’ and ‘extra high’ cookies.

The popular sweet toast that is so beloved is served here with a green twist, in that homemade marijuana butter and marijuana maple syrup can be slathered all over the thick toast, making for a very green bite.

If you are looking for something savoury, then try the ‘huge smile krapao’, ‘pork panang with fresh cream’, special burger, grilled marijuana salad and even carbonara marijuana, with prices starting at a lovely 85 baht per dish.

Ton Moo
Open 10am-9pm

Lamun Lamai Home Cafe

This cosy homey café in the Mae Jo-Sansai area is a house and a restaurant which has been renovated from an old home, surrounded by a lovely little garden with a carp pond, faux waterfall and lovely nooks and crannies.

Settle in and order the ‘happy rice krapao’ which fries the good leaf along with basil or the ‘good mood croissant’ which arrives fresh out of the oven and sprinkled with dried weed. Wash it all down with the ‘fabulous mood coffee’ and you should be sorted for the day.

The Forest Friends Chiang Mai

This forest themed restaurant has created a mini jungle in the city which surrounds a charming carp pond, perfect to gaze at – with glazed eyes.

Serving up all sorts of edibles, start off with the marijuana croissant, the cannabis cookie, the space brownie, lemon-ganja juice or a chamomile marijuana tea.

The Forest Friends Chiang Mai
097 958 9696
9am-6pm (weekends)
9am-5pm (weekdays)
Facebook : The Forest Friends Chiangmai

Monfai Cultural Centre

This cultural centre would not be on our list of first guesses for serving pot, but yet here we are!

Sticking to their Lanna cultural roots, Monfai serves up Northern Thai cuisine…with a twist.

You can order pork laab with chopped leaves, broiled beef in cannabis and our favourite, grilled beef marinated in marijuana with two pot sauces to choose from.

Also serving hot and cold grass drinks, they even have products you can take home such as their roll-off-the-tongue brand CNB555.

Monfai Cultural Centre
089 851 8010

Trongjit Coffee

This café has been working with Mae Jo University, from whom they are purchasing their special leaves, in creating exciting new culinary offerings. A must try is their Cannabis Coffee as well as the Cannabis Flower Tea, using only locally sourced teas, coffee and of course cannabis. It is a drip coffee infused with moonshine marijuana, perfect when accompanied by a pot croissant.

Open 9am-6pm

CMU-Smile Milk

This cute little milk shop is turning from cute towards cool with its new marijuana menu which offers sweet, savoury as well as edible baked bites.

The ‘happy roll’ is a cold crepe rolled up with banana, fresh cream and wrapped in a special leaf. The ‘happiness brownie’ is a classic space brownie and there is a ‘seduce to smile’ toast which is topped with cream of cannabis. Don’t forget the space coffee or a cool happy honey cold drink.

CMU-Smile Milk
Facebook: CMU-Smile Milk