Buying coffee online in Thailand is now possible with Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture was not only born out of love for coffee, but also for its country.

By | Mon 8 Nov 2021

Over the past two years we have seen some major changes in our daily routines. But let’s face it, there are just some things we can’t live without. Like coffee! Imagine a world where coffee doesn’t exist?!

Coffee Culture was a project that was born out of these changes. During a complete lockdown curfew, on a day where there was no coffee in the kitchen cupboard and no coffee maker, something had to be done.

Coffee Culture was founded by Susan Borvornpotsakul, a half Thai and half Finnish female entrepreneur living in Phuket, Thailand. Unsatisfied with the coffee varieties available in most supermarkets, she went on a quest to find coffee from the Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai area. In search of coffee that was not sour & acidic, smooth in taste yet has that balanced body and amazing aroma. Being a half Thai with fluent written and spoken Thai, it was not an impossible task for Susan to discover outstanding local coffee roasters and farmers. It was that discovery that pushed Coffee Culture into existence, as Susan wanted to share her findings with her family, friends and colleagues.

Coffee Culture was not only born out of love for coffee, but also for its country. Aimed to connect Thai coffee roasters with coffee drinkers all over Thailand. The online roast coffee bean shop was built to help local Thai coffee roasters sell their products to both foreigners and Thais around Thailand. Essentially, Coffee Culture bridges the gap between coffee lovers in and around Thailand and local Thai coffee roasters and farmers.

Through Coffee Culture’s unique online coffee store, these local coffee roasters and farmers are able to not only survive financially, but also get their products discovered both in Thailand and internationally, regardless of their English skills or marketing skills.

A Year Later …

● We now hold over 100 coffee selections

● We now sell coffee beans from 18 different local roasters in Thailand

● We currently ship to 10 different countries around the world

Coffee Culture is connecting coffee drinkers in Thailand, and around the world, with various local roasters and coffee farmers in Thailand by providing a unique relationship with our customers to find the right coffee for their taste preference. When it comes to coffee, there is no one taste that fits all.

Day by day, we source for more local coffee roasters and farmers around Thailand. Coffee Culture’s selection process is stringent because we want to offer quality coffee alongside outstanding delivery time to our customers. We strive to continuously update our online marketplace so that Thailand’s best coffee is available to consumers.

Morning blend coffee beans – Fresh roasted coffee

Creating a synergy between coffee and innovation

With the changes in both the digital world and shopping behaviour across the globe, including domestically here in Thailand, we are constantly innovating new services and product lines while engaging in the integrations of new technology. Whether it be accepting cryptocurrency payments such as Bitcoin, offering a Coffee Cash Back program for our customers or providing resorts & hotels with innovative in room coffee experience services for their guests.

What is coming next?

Coffee Culture is still a young company, but we are definitely looking to expand in the future. To be honest, we started with zero capital when we decided to take this project off of the ground. Currently, we are talking with various investors who can help us accelerate our expansion in the future.

We firmly believe that a key way to grow our business and continue to help local coffee roasters and farmers is by being able to export the amazing coffee that Thailand produces to the world. Recently, we’ve sent samples to Japan, Australia, Malaysia and the US. While we are taking baby steps at the moment, we are confident that it is just a matter of time until we can grow globally.

We run on caffeine and aim to uplift the Thai economy with Coffee.

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