Brining – the classic and deceptively simple technique for tender meat

Daddy's Antique give some tips on brining and how you can add texture, complexity, flavour and flair to your meat.

By | Thu 13 Dec 2018


Sometimes meat is so good that all you have to do it give it some heat, et voila! Other times, we like to spice, marinate, cure and do all manner of exciting things to our meat to add texture, complexity, flavour and flair.

At Daddy’s Antique, the classic, and deceptively simple, technique of brining is used to enhance their meats. Salt is added to water, along with some lovely herbs and white meats such as chicken, duck and pork, is immersed in this solution for up to ten hours to tenderise and infuse it with flavour.

This festive season, stop by and get into the spirit of the holidays with Daddy Antique’s delicious Chicken Pomme Puree, which serves golden roasted chicken brined for ten hours in a solution of honey, Italian parsley, bay leaf, fresh oregano, lemon, salt and garlic. A feast for one, or the entire family.


water 1 l.

salt 50 g.
honey 30 g.
lemon 1 unit
Italian parsley
bay leaf
fresh oregano
black pepper


1.Mix pure water and honey together then soak all herbs into a bowl. (Include the whole lemon.)
2.Soak clean and fresh meat in the mixing brine.
3.Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap.
4.Refrigerate for at least 10 hours.

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