Oh, crepes!

We all love crepes. French ones, Thai ones, face ones. Yes, if you want to eat a crepe of your face, Chiang Mai has you covered…

By | Fri 1 Sep 2017

We all love crepes. French ones, Thai ones, face ones. Yes, if you want to eat a crepe of your face, Chiang Mai has you covered…

Crepes Chiang Mai
Proper French crepes which are both original and authentic, are served with both traditional as well as creative fillings. These thin, light and tender crepes come with savoury and sweet fillings in this warm and welcoming café set in Cool Guest House. Each crepe has a unique mixture of flour, depending on, and complementing, its filling. If you are hungry then try the Crazy Cheese, a textured crepe served with ham, cheese and eggs cooked with three difference cheeses including fresh mozzarella, emmental and gruyere — and it is utterly decadent! All the savoury crepes are served with salads and the sweet crepes go perfectly with a freshly brewed cup of aromatic coffee.

Open 7am – 2pm
(Wednesdays to Saturdays also open 6pm – 10.30pm)
Cool Guest House, Sriphum Road
Facebook: CrepesChiangMai
053 222 525

Crepe Corner
This little crepe shop is alluring for anyone who loves good crepes and healthy ingredients. With no artificial colouring, Crepe Corner does it properly, with real butter (no margarine please!) and a range of flavoured crepes from chocolate, vanilla milk and 100% real charcoal. The sleeve it’s served in is food grade quality ensuring that no ink or chemicals will transfer onto your crepe and even if it does, its soy ink! We recommend the chocolate and nut topping, with a creamy Nutella filling packed with peanut butter, crunchy almonds and a topping of chocolate sauce and sweet condensed milk. Then we reckon you should head straight to the gym.

Open 11am – 8.45pm (10am – 8.45pm on weekends)
4th floor MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center
Facebook: Crepe Corner
081 766 2219 / 084 254 4455

AS Cafe
Have you ever wanted to see your own face on a pancake? Probably not…but now you can! AS Cafe is the first cafe in Chiang Mai to use 3D printing technology on pancakes. How it works is they take a photo of you, then you wait for several minutes while they print your pancake, then voila, you can now eat a pancake of your face for just 150 baht. If it’s not your own face you want to eat up, but your cat’s…or crush’s, then you can customise your pancake however you like as long as you have a quality photo to print off. Toppings include various fresh fruits, flavoured syrup, and ice creams. Apart from the pancakes, AS Cafe also uses their 3D printers to make small specialised souvenirs, such action figures and key chains.

Open 11am – 8.30pm
Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Floor 3
Facebook: AS Cafe’