Nuan Bakery – where baking is a never-ending journey

Nuanjan Luechoowong has been baking delightful pastries, deseerts, cakes and other goodies at Nuan Bakery for 31 years. That's some testament to the quality - give it a try.

By | Mon 8 Jul 2019

“Baking is a never-ending journey. To know what raw ingredients to use how and when, to develop new recipes and to be able to not just follow, but also lead, trends, is a great challenge. And that is what makes Nuan Bakery who we are…our journey will continue for many years to come,” said Nuanjan Luechoowong, owner of Nuan Bakery which has been baking aromatic goodies for Thailand’s baked goods fans for 31 years.

Having always loved baking, Nuanjan decided to open her own bakery in 1988 long before western baked products were hardly even known, let alone beloved, in this part of the world. Her first shop was in Sukhotai Province.

Nuanjan was blessed to have been joined by her son, who came to study in Chiang Mai, inspiring her to open her first Chiang Mai branch many years ago. Today there are over ten Nuan Bakeries in the north of Thailand, and one thing which has never changed, said Nuanjan with pride, is the fact that for over three decades Nuan Bakery has always used the best ingredients sourced at the time.

In spite of the business growing to such an extent, Nuanjan still loves going into her kitchen and experimenting with new recipes, keeping Nuan innovative and trend-setting as it has always been.

“But I must say that our classic éclairs are some of the best you will find anywhere. Or so my clients tell me!”

Nuan Bakery
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