Branching Out

You know you have got it right when you find yourself opening a new branch. Here are some of our favourite venue… in new destinations.

By | Fri 1 Feb 2019

Nana Jungle Café and Restaurant

The beloved pastry shop, Nana Bakery has recently dipped its toes — so to speak — into the culinary world. With the A team of chefs led by Chef Dang from the Chiang Mai Chef Association, the menu teases with a variety of cuisines, from delightful breakfasts to a proper supper. Visit the restaurant in the morning and you will get to enjoy fresh breads, croissants, and muffins served with homemade sausages and crispy bacon along with fried egg and mellow Japanese style omelette. The Thai cuisine is created by the former Huan Soontaree chef, so you are guaranteed authentic flavours. For an evening chillout, there is a bar where Thai snacks are adapted into tapas-sized servings with wallet-friendly cocktails. This is a good destination for any occasion. 89 Plaza, Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road, T. Nong Hoi Open 7am – 10pm (closed Wednesdays). Breakfast until 11am. Tel. 052 010 512

Nuan Bakery

A long long time ago when baked goods were as rare in Chiang Mai as a slice of imported cheese, Nuan Bakery opened it’s first Chiang Mai branch, immediately becoming a hot destination (we are talking 1988 here!). The baking was to then-Thai tastes, but over the years they have adapted their baked goods to suit modern Thai preferences. Visit this iconic bakery’s new branch, sit back and enjoy their classic pastries with a cup of coffee or tea. Coffee is served by a trained barista. The pandan cake is lavishly topped with young coconut making for a super refreshing bite. The chiffon foi tong is another intriguing creation with the added textures of the Thai golden egg yolk threads. There is soft serve ice cream to cool you down on a sunny afternoon and you can order cakes for special occasions. Nuan Bakery Nimmanhaemin branch Nimmanhaemin Soi 6, T. Suthep Open 7.30am – 9pm Tel. 061 364 4171 Facebook: Nuan Bakery นวลเบเกอรี่

Vieng Joon On at Nimman

The exquisite riverside tea house that predated all other tea houses popping up all over the city has recently opened a new branch in Nimmanhaemin. The design concept remains elegant and sweet just like its name. This teahouse offers a wide range of teas, including herbal, traditional, Chinese and blends, all at premium quality. There are also pastries and sweets to match with your favourite cup of tea such as Taiwan toast served with optional toppings for you to choose. If you are in a rush, maybe try their savouries which include spring roll, pasta. A full course menu is also available. Nimmanhaemin Soi 1, T. Suthep Open 11am – 8pm (Mondays – Fridays) 11am – 9pm (Saturdays – Sundays) Facebook: ViengJoomOnNimman