Aquila Restaurant’s Winter Menu

This winter, Chef Phubase has created new Italian dishes but with local twists for Aquila Restaurant’s new dishes

By | Mon 28 Nov 2022


Aquila Restaurant has been a complete hit since it opened its doors over the pandemic. Today, this Asian inspired Italian restaurant is turning out great new dishes nearly faster than we can eat, or write about, them.

This winter, Chef Phubase has scoured our hills and farms for some great ingredients which he is mixing up to create new Italian dishes but with local twists.

Start with a grilled foie gras served on brioche served with – wait for it – mango and sweet mango dip and picked peaches. If you can’t quite imagine what this unique flavour profile tastes like, then you just have to go order it and try.

The truffle fettuccini is another delightful dish, served with crispy bacon and Parma ham. Then there are all the pizzas you can imagine, all home made, with generous toppings. Try the Parma ham and rocket salad pizza or the super sea food pizza which is just brimming with squid, prawns, calamari and more.

Then there are the delicious and hearty soups and stews, perfect for the cooler winter days such as the chicken cacciatore or sea food soup.

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