The Duke’s Corn Bread

Thai people aren’t very familiar with corn bread, so it is a great opportunity to get themselves down to the Dukes to try this American classic.

By | Mon 1 Jul 2019


“Thai people aren’t very familiar with corn bread,” said David Anichowski, owner of The Duke’s, Chiang Mai’s favourite all-American restaurants. “The massive succulent ribs, however, are the hero of the dish, so it is a great opportunity to sample the corn bread which accompanies it.”

Corn bread is eaten by millions of Americans on a daily basis, mainly in the southern states, though its history goes back to Native American cuisine. It is a table staple carb, which accompanies so many favourite American dishes, with each home having its own little variant to the traditional dish.

At The Duke’s, the corn bread is light, fluffy and moist with rich butter with a hint of wild honey for flavour and is designed to go perfectly with the restaurant’s famous and multiple award winning ribs.

The Duke’s
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