Best burgers in Chiang Mai

Satisfy that craving for a tasty, juicy burger. These are our picks as the best burgers in Chiang Mai

By | Thu 9 Apr 2015

The Duke's Best Burger in town

1. The Duke’s

The Dukes is never-endingly good, with their burgers arguably being one of the best in town.

Their new menu features the single or double patty ALL-AMERICAN BURGER with single or double patties, which includes lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and special burger sauces. You can build your own custom burger by adding bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, chili, jalapenos, avocado, and cheese: Swiss, cheddar, blue cheese, or provolone.  With several stores across the city and with a wide selection of juicy burgers (and other delicious dishes) with massive portions, this is certainly a safe choice if you want a full belly, guaranteed. A true American feast.

Tel. 053 249 231

2. PotbellyB Burger

This new American diner has opened up in JingJai Market and it is going to please all of you lovers of burgers.
With fun graphic art on the wall and a colourful vibe, this little diner seres up delicious phoneme made burgers using quality imported beef from Australia and home made buns. You can order spicy hot wings, steaks, pork chops, bbqs, German pork knuckles and all sorts of fun dishes and drinks.
Try their Midfield Cheeseburgers which use Australian wagyu beef for a delicate and tasty bite or a Korean style burger served with the iconic kimchi.

There is also a Hawaiian chicken dish served with pineapple and cheese as well as a Tuscan Pork Burger with bacon and scrambled eggs. And the crispy burger is to die for.

Dig into a sweet Croffle (croissant waffle) and wash it all down with a delicious smoothie.
Tel. 093-7634691
Open daily: 10am – 10pm

3. Fat Elvis

This American-style diner has classic burgers that are succulent and tasty and darn good fries, served with your choice of sauce and iced tea or homemade lemonade. Located on Moon Muang Road next to Loco Elvis; customers can choose to eat in either venue.

Tel. 088 493 3303

4. Tawa Bistro

Sometimes bigger really is better. This massive cheeseburger is about the size of a human head and tasty to boot, served with jumbo hand-cut fries on a big wooden slab fit for a giant. Costing around 300 baht each, this burger could easily be split between three people.

Tel. 053 209 030

5. Marks’s Burger

Mark’s Burger may look small and dingy but the burgers are unbelievably good. Located on the edge of the canal road just south of Phucome Junction – the small stall offers delicious pork, chicken or beef burgers with choices of freshly fried onions, mushrooms and cheese to top it. Add a side of perfect onion rings and you still won’t break 100 baht Opens at 5 until midnight (or until all the burgers are gone.)

Tel. 089 713 3208

6. Orange House Burger

Run by a Thai man with an intriguing Chicago accent, Orange House, located on Halal Street just off the Night Bazaar, has a vast selection of genuine East American style burgers and all kinds of food that you could only find in the true city streets of downtown Chicago. The Philly Steak Burger is not one to miss, or anything topped with his spicy homemade chili. A perfect stop off for any Chiang Mai Grabowski. Orange-House-Burger

Tel. 086 728 7638

7. Rock Me Burger & Bar

Their tasty, well cooked and fat homemade patties are sure to quench your craving all things round and meaty. Burgers are served with curly fries and onion rings in baskets, bringing Americana to Chiang Mai. For quality patties, washed down with all kinds of *enter chocolate bar name here* milkshakes, Rock Me Burger is the place to be.

Tel. 089 852 8801

8. Peppermint Coffee House

Fear not veggies and vegans, we haven’t forgotten you! With a potato base jam packed with cashews and a variety of vegetables, the 99 baht veggie burger at this friendly old city café has been called the best in town.

Tel. 084 025 0334